Another one for the pile

When I get determined to finish off a project, it gets done! Last Thursday I posted the finished Stashbuster Oddball blanket for Wool Aid. I also posted in my notebook on Ravelry as well as the Wool Aid group. Can I tell you how many ppl have commented on this blanket?? The picture itself has 4 comments and a heart. One person said that it reminded her of a Navajo blanket. Yes it does. It also reminded me of a blanket a friend bought when she was in Guatemala. SO many different colors and very busy. So while it may not be my cup of tea, apparently there are quite a few that think it's turning out lovely. For that I'm happy.

And from one extreme to another, I finished off my rolled brim hat.

I even got #1 Son to model it for me!!!

He said it was a bit small for him, but he has a large head so if I make him any hats they have to be larger with a rib.

Pattern is from Knitting for Peace. It really is your basic rolled brimmed hat. Cast on 90 sts on size 7 needles and knit for 7" (unrolled) and then decrease. Started it on 10/19 and cast off on 11/10. I almost used up the Simply Soft Chocolate yarn I had left over from one of the kitty blankets. Baby Girl is wearing it right now.

That leaves two socks and a blanket OTN. Time to cast on for a poncho for Baby Girl. It's thick yarn so it should go quickly......


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