Catching Up

So I'm going thru my Ravelry page and trying to get my projects caught up and it occurs to me that I haven't posted my Orts jar in awhile. The new moon MUST be coming up. I check a few websites on line (there are some COOL sites out there with the rising and setting of the sun, eclipse dates, etc, but as usual I digress on the blog as I do in real life) and I see the next new moon is near Thanksgiving. Well that can't be right! Obviously a scientific website is wrong and my Oh-So-Sharp memory is correct.

Hmmmmm, imagine my surprise (literally I didn't think I could be off by that much) when I found out the new moon was Oct 26th. A WEEK AGO!

I blame the kids, the IO's new job and the faultering drainfield in my front yard. If I could go back to that 16 y/o who just couldn't wait to start her life, I'd tell her to enjoy the quiet!

But I digress again.

So while I'm a week late, here's my ORT jar.

I'm still working on 2 pairs of socks (sort of), another rolled brim hat, I've got 7 squares done for my afghan and I just got another charity blanket in the mail last week. It's another oddball blanket for Wool Aid except this time we get to use up our stash bits and pieces. I've pulled out some small balls of wool to add to it and will take a pic of it when it's done. Even with all the odd colored pieces in it, it actually looks really good!

I do have one picture of a finished project that I want to show you. It's the finished off hexipuff.

I added catnip before I sewed it up. What do you think Princess??

That's some tasty nip!


Dee said…
You know's been awhile since stitch day. Got time in November?
Sandie Knapp said…
I see you found the perfect use for your Hexipuff, and obviously Princess agrees! LOL

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