Couponing to the EXTREME!

I've been couponing on and off thruout my adult life. My grandfather would occasionally leave me coupons for products by Stayfree, but I was a teenager and didnt see the point of saving a quarter here and there. However I love a good deal so once I got married and we started getting the Sunday paper (because that's what grown up married ppl do) I started cutting out coupons that I could use.

However saving only a couple of dollars seemed very little compared to all that work of cutting out coupons. Plus I never seemed to have them on me when I needed them. Then my aunt told me a secret. Whatever money I saved from coupons, put it aside. If it was a quarter, put that quarter aside. See how much adds up over the course of a month. So I did. Then it got fun!

Some months were only $5, but it would pay for a breakfast special at a deli. Once, I had over $20 at the end of the month and it was enough to buy a skirt! It was on sale AND I used my coupon money. I called my aunt and told her I got a skirt for free!! LOL Every time I wore that skirt, I felt SO smart!

Over the years I've continued to use coupons, I esp LOVE the 20% off my total purchase at JoAnn's or Michael's (coupons arent just for grocery stores!), and I love it when I can pair them with a sale or BOGO.

But just as everything else in this system, extremism rules and what can be a great way to save money has jumped to an insane level. Case in point, have any of you watched Extreme Couponing? I watched it when it first came out, but I can't get thru an episode. To me it's another version of hoarding. I think it's great that you can get 10 shampoos for free, but when you already have 30 at home, do you really need any more? Or the lady who bought 31 mustards for a penny each, but nobody in her family likes mustard. I know for some its the thrill of the chase, but when you have toilet paper to last a year, donate the next case you get for free to your local shelter.

It would be worth it if you brought home cases of tuna!!


Linda said…
Hi Lynn, Love the kitty picture. It looks like he's got thumbs.

Anonymous said…
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they WOULD donate what they weren't in need of.

Hoarding by another name --- yep, that's it. Plus a terrible greed at hanging on to all of it.

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