I was bound and determined to finish off the Wool Aid Stashbuster OddBall blanket, and I did! Here it is in all it's bright glory.

Of all the blankets I've worked on, this has got to be my least favorite. The yarns others used must have had mohair or alpaca in it because it would make my eyes itch. The wooden needles were dull and hard to make those M1s with. ALL THOSE M1s!!

My portion of the blanket is from the light tan to the deep purple.

Not my favorites either. Funny thing abt the purples, when I held them side by side under my Ott light, they looked like the same purple, just different textures. This picture definitely shows the differences between the two. And while I dislike single ply yarns in regular knitting, I HATE them while making M1s. (SOOO many M1s...)

This blanket/afghan has sufficiently filled my desire to work on oddball blankets for awhile. One more thing I've learned (other than how to make M1s REALLY well) is that while Odd ball blankets can be pretty, they need to have some kind of color scheme to make them work. The last one I worked on was all purples. I liked the look of that one. This one, not so much.

My next project I'm focusing on now is my brown hat. I'm just starting the decreases for the crown and I hope to be done later today. I did pull out the CTH socks and worked a few rows on it. I need 3.5 repeats for the cuff and I just finished up one repeat. If I think of it that way, it will go faster for me.

And I need to start Baby Girl's poncho this wknd. I was at Target earlier today and I saw some ponchos with cowl necklines. Her's is more of a turtle neck, but she likes those SO much better.

One more final note. I hit a couple of thrift shops this AM and found a little black purse and a pair of jeans that are really comfy.

All by Gloria Vanderbilt.

All for under $10!

Now that's my kind of shopping!!!!


Dee said…
Congrats on the Vanderbilt score! Soooo...where IS this good thrift store?
Zonda said…
That is a good score!! Wild blanket!!

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