Is it worth it?

So I'm sitting here trying to come up with some kind of idea of what to blog abt today. I went to Ravelry for ideas. Nuthin'. I googled National Blog Posting Month for ideas. Nada.

If I was a good mother I'd be showing you pictures of the Winter Concert #1 Son was in. He played both trombone AND steel drums. A good mother would have pictures. I'm not a horrible mother because I do have video, but only because the IO now has a Blackberry for a phone. The video camera I have had a dead battery.

Ok so a bad mother wouldn't have paid for raffle tickets or bought more butter braid to support the band or even show up to cheer her son on. Or carpool kids back and forth from the school to the venue back to the school. Or get Frosties (Frostys) from Wendy's to celebrate a job well done.

So I guess a wobbly video off a phone and a kiss goodnight will have to suffice.

I'm not so bad after all.

Plus you have a soft lap to sleep on....


Anonymous said…
Congrats to #1 son!

And never doubt it ... you are a FABULOUS mother!

Hemi thinks so too.

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