It's Hip To Be Square

We had a couple of cool days last week which got me in the mood to start working on blankets. I've been knitting up squares from some soft baby yarn and I've got abt 8 squares done.

I love these squares. They are a straight knit, a truly mindless project while watching tv. And if I put my mind to it, I can get one done in a day.

The other form of blanket making involves fleece.

I bought some fleece from Joann's last year. My goal was to cut them up and make them blankets. I never did get to them last year so the family just used them as they were, smallish blankets that did the trick if you tucked yourself into them. I want larger blankets this year that doesnt require you to fold yourself in half to be under them so on Saturday I cut up the above. I've got some contrasting light pink waiting it's turn.

I've got one more fleece blanket to make and then any extra fleece in the house will be used for kitty blankets. Fleece tends to build up more static than cotton or flannel, but the cats dont seem to mind it.


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