Just another day in paradise

After only 5 hours of sleep I started my day at 6:30am. The day was filled with various errands, a sick child, a crazed sister, forgotten appts (where IS that day planner?!?), grocery shopping and a late dinner. It's 8pm and I quit! I'm staring at laundry that telepathically would put itself away. Since it's not budging, it will wait until tomorrow for me to do it. Unless the laundry elves do it for me.

Yes I'm delusional that way!!!!

Anyway....we have a new project on the needles!!! Baby Girl's poncho!

It's a poncho by Berroco called Phyllis. Baby Girl picked out the pattern and the yarn so I know she'll wear it.

It starts at the neck and is worked in one piece down with increases every couple of rows. Guess what the increases are??? Yep, M1s. Well at least I know how to do them!!!

Hope everybody's week is as exciting as mine seems to be turning into...


Anonymous said…
That's a really pretty color. I'm a little surprised there is no pink.

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