Monday Afternoon Update

Time to check what's on the needles.

Oldest thing OTN are my Lorna's Laces socks. I started them back in August (not bad) but I have yet to cast on the 2nd sock. I'm not sure if I have enough yarn for the second sock and I'm trying to find the other skein in case I have to use it. I think I should just weigh the completed sock I have and the leftover yarn to see if there is enough.......I figure once I do that, the other skein will show up for sure! No pics to share since all I have are bare needles.

Baby Teri Blanket: So far I have 8 squares done and I've started on the 9th, this time in yellow.

CTH BasketWeave Rib Socks: Ok I lied, THIS is the oldest project on the needles. The first sock was done back in May, then the yarn was used to make Delaney's socks. Leftovers were cast on to go as far as I can to finish this pair for me. Again no reason to show a pic since I havent really worked on it. Not feeling the love. Not enjoying the pattern. It's not hard, but I'm realizing I'm not much of a pattern girl when it comes to my socks. Lots of gorgeous ones out there, but in reality I enjoy the mindlessness of a 3x1 ribbed sock.

My basic rolled brim hat. I'm getting close to having it done. I think another inch is needed before I start the decreases.

I'll need to cast on for another hat and tell Baby Girl THAT one is for her before she claims this one as well.

Lastly I'm working on another Oddball blanket for WoolAid. This one is using up bits and pieces of extra wool from various other projects. I've done abt 3" and I'm losing the love as well. We're using a holeless feather and fan which sort of reminds me of a ripple. Not a big fan of the ripple OR the 64 M1s every 4 rows.... But it's using up lots of stash so that's a plus!

I think I just need to bite the bullet and complete some of these stagnant projects. I need to start on a poncho for Baby Girl and the yarn is calling out to be worked on.


Zonda said…
I keep finding more and more impatiently waiting projects LOL. Good luck with yours!
Dee said…
Okay --- we'll say when WE meet up you MUST work on socks. LOL

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