Will I attempt it? Yessiree Bobcat! Will I achieve it? Well that remains to be seen. With the way my life is going lately I'm lucky to sit down at night and play mindless games on Facebook. Even my Words with Friends has been suffering.

Last week Baby Girl and I were away on an overnight field trip and I'm still recouperating. As a chaperone we were in charge of 8 girls

but we were sleeping 16 kids and 2 adults to a cabin.

Lights out was at 10pm, but at 11:30 I threatened to call a teacher if they wouldn't settle down. Half the cabin was awake and the other half just wanted to sleep. Add 2 girls who were crying because they missed their moms and another one who kept waking up from nightmares (her parents were splitting up and she kept dreaming they were literally being ripped apart), and yet another one with a bloody nose, well there was little if any sleep to be had. Yet even with all that, they had a blast. Makeup and nail polish in the cabin, practicing writing prompts in fun and creative ways for the upcoming FCAT

and zip lining made for a fun couple of days.

I didnt bring my knitting because I knew I wouldnt have time for it, but there were periods when the kids were working that I wished I had it.

I have stash in the form of yarn (bought) and fabric (given) plus baking to share, but with the goal of blogging everyday, I need to pace myself.

Here's to another NaBloPoMo. Who's joining me????


Sandie Knapp said…
I get the impression that it was not all fun and flowers, but obviously Baby Girl enjoyed herself. :)
Linda said… too! First time!
Dee said…
Won't be doing NaBloPoMo, but will be happily reading your blog as YOU do it. :-)

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