Saturday Sky

We had a cool front go thru last night which meant it was nice and chilly this AM (it was 58 when I woke up). This means I need to bake something to warm the house up! Thankfully I pulled out a Butter Braid from the freezer last night. #1 Son was selling these for band and he said they were yummy! Well they ARE!!!

Last night I pulled one out of the freezer to thaw out and rise over night. This is what it looked like.

It looked like this when I woke up.

I KNOW!!! It's HUGE! The first time I made one I was TOTALLY surprised! This one is a bavarian cream butter braid.

What it looked like once it came out of the oven.

I added chocolate to the top but I never had time to photograph it before it was cut into. It tasted like a chocolate croissant. OH it was yummy! I may have to see if Band Boosters has any left.....

Here is my sky.

Still cloudy and very breezy, making the temp feel cooler than the 66 my thermometer is showing. Guess I'll need to take a jacket when we go out tonight. My sister has the kids and the IO and I are headed out to Disney's Food and Wine Festival.

WOO HOO! Date night!


Anonymous said…
Have fun ---- sounds like a good night for some mulled wine!
Anonymous said…
That bread has me drooling, it looks so good. Gorgeous!

Have fun this evening, and enjoy your 60's temps. It is 39ยบ here, at this moment. And it has warmed up quite a bit already. LOL

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