To Each His Own

When I first started knitting socks, my sisters didnt get it. Why take all that time and energy and money to knit a pair of socks?? Can't you just buy them??

I know we've all heard that before and unless you have a hobby, you wont understand the expense it can incur.

Take for example, on HGTV there was a show of collections, one of them being toasters. There were people who had rooms devoted to their collection of toasters. Kept in GREAT shape. The guy who was doing the piece came with a loaf of bread. They'll make toast right?? HA! The looks on some of these people's faces were, "there is NO way that bread is getting in my toaster!!!" However there was a guy who was very eager to show that his 100+ yr old toaster actually still worked. The guy ate his toast during the next segment.

While I don't exactly get the draw of toasters, I DO understand the collecting mentality. After all I've been to conventions where you see people who collect quilts or old Singer Featherweights. Patterns from the early 1920s or old feed cloths. If it exists, there is a group somewhere that will collect it.

This morning as we're getting ready for school, there was a show on called That's Clever. I've never seen it before but this episode showed different forms of crafting. One guy is a potter and they showed how he makes fruit and berry bowls, including drainage holes so you can wash and drain the fruit in the same bowl. Another woman was making a welcome sign out of tin and polymer clay. This project was SO labor intensive. Cut this little piece, mold it, bake it for 15 min, let it cool. Cut another piece, mold it, bake it for 15 min, let it cool. Form yet ANOTHER piece around these two pieces, bake it for 15 min, let it cool. After baking and cooling for around 6 different times and STILL not be done, I thought, "OMG! This is taking forever!!! She could BUY one......"

My only defense is that I hadn't had my coffee yet.


Anonymous said… each his own. LOL
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