It always cost more when the kids are with you

The kids have been home for almost a week now. Since they've been home, we've done a day at Disney,

and ate out the entire weekend. I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed sinuses on Monday, which meant we ate out even more since we had no food in the house. Today was the first day I felt well enough to shower ~and~ get stuff done. Usually it's either shower OR get stuff done.

Along with a laundry list of errands, one of my stops was at JoAnns. I finished Baby Girl's poncho (WOOHOO!), but I don't have enough yarn left over for the fringe. Off to JoAnn's we go to get another skein. I knew the dye lots would be different, but what they had there was really different. Her poncho has blues and greens and purples, but the dye lots at the store had blues and greens and PINKS. So we decided on another colorway that just had greens and blues.

It will be fine, the colors are the same, just w/o the purples. I have a little bit from the original dye lot that I will add periodically around the poncho to make it blend better.

While there she picked out some yarn for an earflap hat

and a slouchy hat.

I wasn't that crazy abt the pink and black one until I saw a project knitted up on Ravelry. I really like the striping effect and it will look well with the pattern I want to do. I have to start the earflap hat first, though. Hopefully I'll get it done before she goes back to school.

And as you can see, we're doing our best to keep Deborah Norville in business!

Baby Girl also decided that she wanted to make me a scarf. She's been wanting to work on a project for awhile now and I figure a scarf will be easy enough for her to work on. I'm using the same yarn as the ear flap hat. It's soft and I like the coloring. She's already done an inch and would have done more if it wasn't so late when she started. I have a feeling she'll be working on it a lot during winter break.....AFTER they make their gingerbread houses. Yep we got some of those too. That's their project for tomorrow.

And according to the forcast, we'll be having more of a beach Christmas than a white one.

YMMV. Whatever your weather this weekend, keep yourself safe.


Anonymous said…
If Baby Girl starts knitting it really WILL be more expensive to "go with the kids" --- she'll be wanting her own Ravelry page and stash! LOL

The picture of the castle is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
It's going to be an unusual Xmas weekend for us. It is rare that we don't have snow for Xmas, but this year it has not really been Wintry at all, but for the odd day here and there. It was nearly 50ยบ yesterday, and it's cooler today, but they are calling for milder weather all next week too. November, and now December, have both been unseasonably mild for this area. I don't really miss the cold, but it has always been expected to have snow for Xmas, so that I do miss. :) Have a great Holiday.
Vivian said…
Ah, winter break :-) Henry just got off yesterday and we promptly carted him off to his grandparents. But I'm anticipating the storm of "I'm bored!" later next week.
Susan said…
It's great that Baby Girl is knitting you a scarf! The Disney picture is lovely. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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