It's official

I am now the mother of a teenager.

I will need my knitting even more now!!!!

Speaking of knitting, I've been kicking some butt on Baby Girl's poncho.

This is 3 skeins in. It looks like a big blob because I'm knitting in the round on a limited length of needle cord with what seems like an unlimited amt of stitches. I havent counted how many I've got on the needles because quite honestly I dont want to know. I'll count them before I cast them off. Right now I've got 10" left to knit before it's done........


Susan said…
Good luck navigating those teenage years! They can be a challenge! Been there, done that.
June said…
Happy Birthday to DS#1 and good luck, too!
kathy b said…
ha ha ha look s like poncho took on a life of its own!

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