The Odds were GOOD!

I'm a really slow knitter. Even when I devote lots of time to knitting, I still take a long time to get projects done. However when it's cold outside and your sock inventory is small

you kick it into gear and knit up some more! Yesterday I posted that I had the foot to go on a sock. After working on it all day, including digging out a second skein for the last half of the toe, at 11:35pm I kitchenered these bad boys!

Now before you all get excited, the yarn is a sport weight which helps the process move along MUCH faster. That being said, these were fast even for me!

Stats include but not limited to:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport #104 Uptown
3x1 rib (my fave) vanilla sock
56sts on size 2 dpns
Sock #1: 8/23/11 - 10/16/11
Sock #2: 11/26/11 - 11/30/11

Sock #1 took 1.5 months. Sock #2 took 4 days.

They've got some funky flashing points at the gusset

The left side looks like this,

but the right side is plain.

Both sides are warm. I know this because as soon as I was finished with them I put them on and went to bed!

Now that these are done I should pull out Baby Girl's poncho, but an ear flap hat is calling my name as well. We'll see who ended up being the loudest.


Anonymous said…
Flap hat ... flap hat.....flap hat!!!!!
Susan said…
I adore those pooling colors!
Zonda said…
Cool socks! They remind me of a popsicle/slushie.

BTW, when I saw that little ball of yarn, I wondered if you would have enough. Glad you did ;)
kathy b said…
Oh they are so soooo cute.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, another pair finished and on the foot. They look toasty and warm, and I really like that bit of flash around the gusset. Different and interesting too. :)

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