Still not feeling it.......

It's really weird. I usually get nostalgic or melancholy on the last day of the year, but not so much today. In fact we went to the mall earlier today and almost got locked in! I forgot they closed early and when we walked out of Bath and Body Works at 6:15, I couldn't figure out why everything was shut down! We ended up sneaking out an employee exit.

Didn't finish any knitting either. In fact I didn't even pick it up. I think I'm subconsciously bucking the system/calendar. Or I'm in denial. Not sure which.

I *did* remember that it was Saturday. Which means a shot of the sky.

I took this as we were rushing off to the car in the mall parking lot.

However, there is one person in this house that feels like it's a new year and she wanted to start it out with a new 'do.

Baby Girl's been wanting bangs since the summer. She loves them!

Well whatever you guys are doing, enjoy and stay safe. I'm thinking of taking a break and probably wont blog until 2012.


I turn my back on that joke mom!


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