Too much technology!!!

I love my cell phone. And my digital camera. However tonight while I was at Baby Girl's music concert, we were using the IO's phone, my fairly new video camera and my fairly old digital camera to capture video and I'm still not sure we got any decent shots of the evening. Say what you want abt the big clunky movie cameras, my old Super 8 camera STILL takes great pictures! Its just the film that's PRICEY!

One other drawback to all these new fangled intruments of mass technology, all but one has to be charged. Right now I have my computer, my kindle, my cell phone AND the video camera plugged in to charge. My Canon digital camera eats AA batteries, but at least I can change them out when I'm at a function and continue on.

I'm truly showing my age. However I did see something really cool this AM. Guess what's coming back??? The Polaroid Instamatic camera!!!! I saw it on Live with Kelly this AM. This time around it's a digital camera and you can see it before you print it out. If you like it, a minute later you have yourself a print of what you just took. VERY cool AND retro at the same time!!!

See, I do enjoy new technology. Except when it interfers with taking pictures of my kids' school events.....


Anonymous said…
I know my way around my computer and my digital camera. Anything else, I know nothing about. I guess you could say I'm tech challenged, but IMO I know what I need to, and the rest can pass me by, I don't mind. LOL
Vivian said…
I have to laugh about this, like they say, the best camera is the one in your hand! We just went through something similar at my son's holiday parade. Every parent was taking pictures and videos, but we had a hard time putting all the different formats together. All we wanted was "one good one" and it's so hard to find it.
kathy b said…
I heard the instamatic was coming back! WAHOO
Anonymous said…
That insta-matic thing will be pretty cool!

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