Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last day of the month

It's the last day of a VERY long month. Can't say I'm gonna miss it. Not the busiest of Mays but one of the most stressful. Here's hoping June is better.

One good thing to report is I finished a sock!!!

Yes that would be singular. ONE sock. I swear I am the slowest knitter out there. It took me 3 months to finish this guy off. That's just sad. What's worse is that I have yet to cast on for the next one. I may need to do that tonight.

Meanwhile I picked up Baby Girl's tank and put in a few more rows.

I'd really like to get this done before the end of the summer. Right now I'm knitting around and around on 188 stitches until I have 13" done. Did I mention I'm knitting with size 6 needles? This is the only time it's good that I live in Florida and my summer will last well into Oct.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Switch up

The more I try to organize, the more I realize how unorganized I am! I have bags of clothes that the kids have outgrown. I should just take the bags to GoodWill and be done with it, but there are some clothes I can pass on to friends, others I can sell on eBay. I have separated them into three bags that are now sitting in my living room. That is tomorrow's project.

All week long I've been slowly working my way thru paperwork. Can I tell you how sick I am of paperwork?? Ihave two boxes left and while I should have just finished them off, I needed a change of venue. Hence the clothes. Once those piles and bags were moved out of the hallway, I came across a pile of fabric for a quilt.

Once I started playing with fabric I knew what I had to do.....

I now have 30 fussy cut 4.5 inch squared fabric piled in a nice little stack.

I also cut an additional 20 for a future swap. And whatever was left over is in another pile for another swap.

I have 4 more different fabrics to get thru before I'm done with my stack. And instead of buying more fabric, I'm going to incorporate some Let It Snow fabric to break up the snowman squares. What pattern will I be using? Snowball of course!!! This quilt has been in the works for quite some time now (maybe 5 years) and I'd like to have it done by the time it's cold again. Baby Girl was very happy that this one was for us. Apparently the last quilt I made for the family was 10 years ago.

Yes that IS #1 Son. Poor kid has yet to have his I Spy quilt. Do soon to be 13 y/os still WANT an I Spy quilt?!? I'll just have to make it big enough for ANY of us to use just in case they don't........

Meanwhile I'm going to post two pictures of my Saturday Sky. This is what it looked like to the west.

Blue skies with a few billowy clouds floating by.

My eastern sky looked like this

Lots of swirling clouds that made you want to stay inside. When all was said and done, I still had to water my plants.......

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Sky

Did you ever have one of those days/weeks/months/year where you feel like you are constantly trying to get caught up? I've been feeling like that alot this year and I've got to figure out how to change that. I may have to schedule my time a bit more so I can schedule in some *me* time. There always seems to be something that interrups what starts out as quiet time for me. Within 15 or 20 min either a child or spouse needs something. I need to start locking my door. However Baby Girl is fighting what #1 Son and I have just gotten over and she is miserable. I hate to see them so sick, esp since I know EXACTLY what they are going thru.

Some good news.....I found my sock AND Baby Girl's tank. It was buried under a pile of clothes that needed to be hung up. I'm slowly trying to get caught up with laundry and paperwork. It seems as soon as I get thru all the coupons and the flyers for checking sales, etc, two weeks go by and I have another pile.

More good news.....look what I ate today!

It's supposed to be a yellow pepper but it wasn't doing too well on the plant so the IO took it off to see how it was. It looks and tastes just like a green pepper. So I threw it in a pan with some butter and onions, added some eggs and covered it all with provolone.


The tomatoes are looking good as well.

We did pick two of them and while they looked ready to eat, the one wasnt quite ripe enough. I'm going it a couple more days....

So there you have it. I've been feeling pensive and a bit stressed the past few weeks and while I know some things I just cant change, other changes are coming down the pike and I'm hoping that they will bring some relief.

Meanwhile I will be knitting on my sock. I'm missed it and just the simple act of working on it will make a difference.

You got any more peppers???

Monday, May 16, 2011

Death Warmed Over

Never let it be said that my son doesnt share. He was out sick all of last week which included a trip to the dr AND the ER. Apparently he caught some wicked nasty virus which he has now shared with me. I don't expect to be down for a week (as a mom, that's impossible) but I've basically been in bed for 2 days straight. I have to get better because tomorrow is the spring band performance and I can't miss that. While I feel miserable, at least #1 Son is doing better. Now I'm just waiting for Baby Girl to get it.......

Speaking of Baby Girl, I had to take her picture by this lake for our Saturday Sky.

See this is the lake where we always take her picture after her ballet performances. We went to see the performance this year, just not her being in it. Even before the show started, she was talking abt going back into ballet. Gymnastics is fun, but painful. Anybody who's tried to do a somersault on a 4" beam can attest to that! However I'm concerned with the 1.5 hours of class twice a week. This was her downfall last year. We'll have to see.

Meanwhile I have two projects that are MIA, a pair of socks and a tank that I started for Baby Girl. I've looked in a couple of places but cant seem to find it. While I know they will turn up, the only project I have is a kitty blanket and I'm not necessarily in the mood for that. I may have to pull out some more sock yarn and cast on........

Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Saturday First!!

After over a year of dreaming, I FINALLY reached a goal of mine, I participated in a 5k walk/run. Two winters ago I thought running in 5K races would be a lot of fun. However I am out of shape and dislike running. So why the goal? Because I thought they would be a great way to GET in shape and lose some weight. I even tried the Couch to 5K program. I know a couple of ppl who have done this program and it works great. IF you do it.

I got hung up on the running parts. I really don't like to run, a big reason being my knees hurt. I'm sure there are some exercises and braces and special shoes that I could wear to keep my knees from hurting while I attempted to run, but it's a lot easier to just not run!

Then at our last stitch group, Dee told me I could walk. HUH??? SO I started looking into local 5Ks to participate in. And then there was one posted at the school for a teacher who has cervical cancer. I had to do it.

Baby Girl and #1 Son joined me. After a mile I sent them back to the main area with a teacher on a golf cart. Baby Girl was having a hard time with her shoes (sneakers that were more pretty than durable) and #1 Son had tripped and fallen and gotten a bit run over by the person behind him. He was ok, but didnt want to run anymore. I knew they'd be ok because half of the teachers from school were there handing out refreshments. Once they were safely on their way back, I was off! One hour and 24 seconds was my total time. Not great but not bad either. I finished and I wasn't last so I am REALLY proud of myself. My goal was to finish in an hour and I did just that. Here I am after I crossed the finish line.

I wasn't going to post this picture because it's a REALLY bad pic of me, but I figure if a heavy woman like me with wonky boobs can walk a 5k, I may give inspiration to somebody who's been thinking abt it, but not sure they can. If I can do it, chances are good you can too! I plan on signing up for more. I wish we were coming out of summer instead of going in, but since they are early in the AM, I should be ok.

And I thought of you Dee when they gave me a banana!!!! LOL

Plus this is what I got to look at while I walked......

All in all it was a beautiful day.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Felines

I love the smell of freshly washed whites in the morning!!! Did you start using a fabric softener?!?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

TuSal and a finish

I'm off by only a day for my May TuSal.

If you look at the very bottom, you'll see some floss, but for the most part it's yarn from my latest finish.

Here's my blanket for Knit1Bless2.

I started using one blue and one white strand of Simply Soft yarn but ran out not even half way thru the blanket so I needed to pull in other yarns of mine that would blend with the colors and also still be soft. The changes in yarn made the blanket wonky in parts, but I think once its washed and blocked, it will be fine.

Stats for this project are:

-Various worsted weight yarns double stranded
-cast on 93 stitches on size 15 needles (I would probably use an 11 or 13 next time, the drape is nice but when you hold it up I find it a bit more floppy than drapey)
-Date start: 2/21/11
-Date end: 5/1/11
Total Project time: abt 2.5 months

Yarn used up: 17.3 oz!

I'll be mailing this out sometime next week.

I now can work on my cherry tree hill sock or Baby Girl's tank. Once I find it. Since I will be on a bus tomorrow heading toward Universal Studios for a middle school band gig I may have to start up another sock. I've gotten the ok from #1 Son that I won't be an embarassment if I knit on the bus!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday in the Garden

I used to spend my time walking thru JoAnn's browsing the shelves for deals and ways to spend my 40% coupon. Because of that I've built up quite the stash of yarn and fabric. So now when I walk thru JoAnn's I find the stuff that draws my eye I either already have or have something very similar to.

Which means I need to find another way to stash. I have found it at Lowes. Specifically in their clearance section. Today was bring a flower for your teacher and instead of buying a bouquet that would die, Baby Girl wanted to buy a flowering plant, something that would last a bit longer than a couple of days. Marigolds won out. Plus they were on sale for 69 cents.

Uh oh..............

After I dropped #1 Son off, I decided to go back to look at what else was cheap. While I still dropped more than I expected I got some good deals.

Roses for $5

Some salvia for the butterfly garden that I seem to be growning

These were in clearance and only cost $1.50 each.

I also got some more marigolds and zinnias. They were moving some to the clearance section since there were no more blooms on them. I may have to stop by after I pick up Baby Girl.

You'd think I had this gorgeous area with all these flowers but it's really not like that. I buy in piece meal so while it's looking better, it still needs a lot of work. And I really need to buy some shrubs for the front of the house. However those are never on special or clearance so I tend to avoid them. I think I need to just bite the bullet and get some. Maybe check out the other local nurseries. I know there are some cheap nurseries a bit further out, but at almost $4/gal for gas, it's a better deal to go close and pay a dollar or two more.

My true excitement? I haven't killed off too many things. My pansies are almost gone, they cant seem to hand the heat, but I have one plant that is struggling to keep going. That one bloom keeps the plant in place. The dime petunias are still doing well, for the most part.

I'll replace this one with another one from the clearance bin. Can I tell you how much I love the dime and quarter bins????

I thought the bougainvillea was going to die (since I paid full price for it) but I finally just planted it and hoped for the best.

I've got blooms again so that is a very good sign!

The tomatoes are still status quo

No new ones but these are filling in very nicely. I'm hoping they'll be turning red very soon.

and LOOK!!!!!!

Two more peppers!!!

with a baby on the way!

I may get to eat a pepper yet.

If you've made it this far, know that there will be knitting content tomorrow. I finished off the blanket and just need to weave in the ends. Now that this is done, I need to find the tank I started for Baby Girl. It must be with the sock because I can't find either one.......

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Month in Review

April blog posts were a month of technical difficulties with my computer and squirrel mishaps. April reality was a month of walk-a-thons,

a Student of the Month,

religious activities, special gymnastic days, FCAT, yardwork, home repairs, PTO meetings, Book Fair,

field trips to Discovery Gardens,

sick children,

an Usher concert,

and a graduation party with a luau theme.

Complete with it's own Saturday sky.

This explains why there has been little to no knitting/stitching content.

Next month is filled with teacher appreciation week, more field trips, a 5k run/walk (guess which I'LL be doing!), a ballet performance (to watch, not to be in) and gymnastic performances with extra practice days.

This explains why there will be little knitting content in May.

However I *DO* have a project to share. I finished it off this AM specifically so I could have a finish to start the month with.

It's a blanket for the Knit1Bless2 charity that Debbie Macomber is sponsering. I was SO happy to have it finished, even though the area that I bound off looked a bit funky. When I layed it out to take a picture of it, I realized what was wrong. It was curling because I didn't finish it with the garter stitch border!


Now I need to rip out the bound off edge, add the border and then bind off again. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It took a LOT more yarn than expected, but I think the colors blend well. I'll post the final details once it's finished. I'm *hoping* to finish it off in the next couple of days, maybe even tonight while I bake three batches of brownies. Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Week and I have two schools to bake for.