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Saturday Sky

We finally had a cool front go thru yesterday so instead of having temps in the 80s, we hit a high of 71 with temps at 57 right now. It's giving me a chance to wear my hand knit socks for a change.

It's been a weird week filled with lots of kid activities which has left me feeling drained and in need of some quality me time. I did get a chance to watch a movie all the way thru w/o interuptions today, but I truly wont get the quiet until Monday when everybody is either at school or work. I dont have much to show in knitting, two more squares are done on my afghan and abt an inch more done on the slouchy hat. I REALLY need to remember to keep some kind of project in the car. Twice this week I could have worked on something, but I had nothing with me. Gotta find a vanilla sock to stash in the car for easy knitting.

And what's the best way to clean your house???? Why have your in-laws come to visit!!! They are coming out toward the end of Feb which means I have abt 3 wee…

Saturday Sky

Today's post brought to you in bullet form.........

Baby Girl is officially double digits.

It was cloudy for most of the day.

Very little crafting is getting done. There is a bug going around that is laying up a lot of us. Went to a wedding shower tonight and more than half of us were hacking. Hoping to pick up the needles tomorrow but not making any promises.....

Feline Fridays

Is that homemade mac and cheese?????

Something to Warm the Belly By

The weather has been bizarre here, one day cool, the next day hot, the following day you need to cover the plants. I wanted some warm-you-from-the-inside food and decided to make homemade mac and cheese. Most of the time we use the stuff from the big blue box (it's what they'll all eat) but *I* needed something different. I had all the ingredients (for the most part) of a recipe by the Barefoot Contessa so I went for it. It's just your basic run of the mill mac and cheese dish that I changed up a bit.

Here is the original recipe.

I used sea shells for the pasta.

I had the 8oz of sharp cheddar, but no gruyere so I used up what I had in the house, some jalapeno cheddar, a slice of provolone and a few slices of monterey jack.

I didnt have any bread (I really need to go grocery shopping) but I did have some Pepperidge Farm herbed seasoned stuffing so that got toasted up in the pan with some butter.

The cheese didn't melt as completely as I'd like so it was soupier than …

Something a Little Different

As I watch some of my blogger friends pull out their cross stitching, I decided to pull out some of mine. Some projects are so close to being done that I decided that I will try to put in at least one strand a day in them. I'll still rotate them out, but if I can do a strand a day on something, well that means I'll be that much closer to completing them.

The first project that got pulled out is my Kitty Cat Row. I checked the blog to see when the last time I posted abt it and it was way back in March 2011. This is what it looked like then.

I KNOW I've worked on it once since then, but I never updated the picture so it looks like I got a LOT done when all I've done this time is the kitty on the far left.

I dont *feel* like I have much left to do on it, two more kitties and 8 more letters. I'm hoping to get the first four done tonight.

Along with the cross stitching, I've been working on my afghan. Finished off two more skeins of yellow which produced 4 more …

Saturday Sky

Winter has finally come to my part of Florida, I dont think we've gotten out of the 50s all day. Remember this is cold for us! It was hazy today too.

Other than my sky I dont have much to share. I did finish my second earflap hat with some bulky Knit Picks yarn, but I was so anxious to send it out that I forgot to take a picture of it! I like the one that Baby Girl has better. The Knit Picks one wasnt as soft as the Serenity Chunky. I have yet another hat OTNs, this one a slouchy hat. Once this one is done, Baby Girl will be set for hats!!!!!

As I'm reading thru my bloglist, I find it fascinating how many sites are organizing, clearing out, or finishing stash for the new year. Seems like more ppl are doing it this year than in the past. One of the ones that caught my attention was WIPocalypse. I didnt sign up for it (if you are interested you've got until tomorrow night), but I like the concept. I have a lot of stitching projects that are just sitting there that n…

Feline Fridays - Part 2

Dear Big Orange Kitty,

I do NOT scream like a girl! My voice just hasn't changed yet. And I STILL chased your sorry self out of the house so who's afraid of whom?????


Mr Hemikins

Feline Fridays

No I am NOT that scrawny Hemi.

I am the Big Orange Kitty!!!

I enjoy the midnight snack I get when I sneak in thru the kitty door.
Most of the time I get away with it.

Sometimes that scrawny Hemi catches me.

No worries. He screams like a girl.

You Win Some, You Lose Some...........

One week in and I've got two finishes already! One is a winner!

Garter Brim Earflap Hat #1 from the book Last Minute Gift Ideas. Can I tell you how much I love this hat??? I'm not a big hat person, but I would wear this hat. That is if I could get it away from Baby Girl. She's worn it everyday this week.

Then we have the not so favorite one.

This poncho has been a pain from the start. Lots of M1s. Weird decreases by the neck. Once it was done, it curled up BAD!

Even after I added the fringe.

Even though it's acrylic, I hoped that once I washed it, it would look better. And it did.

The sides dont stick out as far, it softened up, and the curling at the bottom is much better.

It's still not my favorite item I've made, but I'm not embarrassed by it anymore.


It is Saturday and I wanted to post the sky before it got dark.

Make sure to take some time to check out your sky today.......

End of Year Recap

See I knew once the kids went back to school I'd feel like we were in a new year! I started going thru my notebook of projects setting things up for the new year which meant I had to wrap up the old. What have I accomplished this year?

Four kitty blankets

Five pairs of socks

Four hats

Two toys

Three charity blankets

One tank

One scarf

for a total of 20 projects for the year! Not too bad and more than I did last year so that's a good thing. I also tallied up how much yarn was used up and for the year I used up

101oz / 6317yds

This translates into abt 6.5lbs and 3.5miles of yarn knit up!! I like the sound of that better!!!! I knit up a 5K!

If anybody knows how to make a mosaic of pictures, please let me know. I'll come back and post a pic of the 20......MUCH easier than trying to link them all.......

Now that we are done with the old, lets move on to the new! I've already got 2 projects done for Jan/2012. I'll be posting those later........

26 Years and Counting......


It's Here!

Let's hope the Mayans were wrong.....