End of Year Recap

See I knew once the kids went back to school I'd feel like we were in a new year! I started going thru my notebook of projects setting things up for the new year which meant I had to wrap up the old. What have I accomplished this year?

Four kitty blankets

Five pairs of socks

Four hats

Two toys

Three charity blankets

One tank

One scarf

for a total of 20 projects for the year! Not too bad and more than I did last year so that's a good thing. I also tallied up how much yarn was used up and for the year I used up

101oz / 6317yds

This translates into abt 6.5lbs and 3.5miles of yarn knit up!! I like the sound of that better!!!! I knit up a 5K!

If anybody knows how to make a mosaic of pictures, please let me know. I'll come back and post a pic of the 20......MUCH easier than trying to link them all.......

Now that we are done with the old, lets move on to the new! I've already got 2 projects done for Jan/2012. I'll be posting those later........


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