Saturday Sky

Winter has finally come to my part of Florida, I dont think we've gotten out of the 50s all day. Remember this is cold for us! It was hazy today too.

Other than my sky I dont have much to share. I did finish my second earflap hat with some bulky Knit Picks yarn, but I was so anxious to send it out that I forgot to take a picture of it! I like the one that Baby Girl has better. The Knit Picks one wasnt as soft as the Serenity Chunky. I have yet another hat OTNs, this one a slouchy hat. Once this one is done, Baby Girl will be set for hats!!!!!

As I'm reading thru my bloglist, I find it fascinating how many sites are organizing, clearing out, or finishing stash for the new year. Seems like more ppl are doing it this year than in the past. One of the ones that caught my attention was WIPocalypse. I didnt sign up for it (if you are interested you've got until tomorrow night), but I like the concept. I have a lot of stitching projects that are just sitting there that need to be pulled out and worked on. I think it's time to pull something out and finish it, esp since I'm finding new projects to work on.........


Anonymous said…
I only had a very few things to finish that were left over from last year, and I'm working on them now. But I also started several new projects too. For some reason I felt the need to do something different for a change. :)
Brigitte said…
You know, I hadn't heard of WIPocalypse, but it is interesting how I've moved along that road. I'm working on one "abandoned" project at a time, and trying to clear out some of the ones that have ridiculously little left to work on.

OK, in the evenings I do work on a new project; but that'll be the only NEW one!!

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