Saturday Sky

We finally had a cool front go thru yesterday so instead of having temps in the 80s, we hit a high of 71 with temps at 57 right now. It's giving me a chance to wear my hand knit socks for a change.

It's been a weird week filled with lots of kid activities which has left me feeling drained and in need of some quality me time. I did get a chance to watch a movie all the way thru w/o interuptions today, but I truly wont get the quiet until Monday when everybody is either at school or work. I dont have much to show in knitting, two more squares are done on my afghan and abt an inch more done on the slouchy hat. I REALLY need to remember to keep some kind of project in the car. Twice this week I could have worked on something, but I had nothing with me. Gotta find a vanilla sock to stash in the car for easy knitting.

And what's the best way to clean your house???? Why have your in-laws come to visit!!! They are coming out toward the end of Feb which means I have abt 3 weeks to get the house in some kind of order.

Is it too early for spring cleaning???????

*****Saturday sky brought to you by Baby Girl and her friend J.


Anonymous said…
Never too early for spring cleaning.

I got to deep clean the kitchen. The workmen that removed the old fridge turned it on it's side and old, moldy water ran EVERYWHERE. Nothing like a swamp in your kitchen to get you cleaning with bleach!

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