Something a Little Different

As I watch some of my blogger friends pull out their cross stitching, I decided to pull out some of mine. Some projects are so close to being done that I decided that I will try to put in at least one strand a day in them. I'll still rotate them out, but if I can do a strand a day on something, well that means I'll be that much closer to completing them.

The first project that got pulled out is my Kitty Cat Row. I checked the blog to see when the last time I posted abt it and it was way back in March 2011. This is what it looked like then.

I KNOW I've worked on it once since then, but I never updated the picture so it looks like I got a LOT done when all I've done this time is the kitty on the far left.

I dont *feel* like I have much left to do on it, two more kitties and 8 more letters. I'm hoping to get the first four done tonight.

Along with the cross stitching, I've been working on my afghan. Finished off two more skeins of yellow which produced 4 more blocks. What I've got so far......

This afghan won't get done until next winter, but that's ok. I'm really enjoying working on it in between projects. One thing I'm finding fascinating, the inconsistencies of the amt of yarn in each skein. This is the last block I finished with the yellow.

I started with two full skeins. One skein left me with a 6" tail.

The other skein left me with a small walnut sized ball. Is this from the factory or did somebody start a project and return it? I started these two skeins today.

One is short and fat, the other is thin and tall. Wonder what I'll end up with??????


Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Thank you for the comment. Have you stitched Cat Lessons? As you can see from my starts, I love stitching words and alphabets. Love Kitty Cat Row. I have that one, but of course have not stitched it. Love the afghan squares. It will be gorgeous when done.

Anonymous said…
I sometimes wonder the same thing when I see a "messy" ball of yarn at Michaels or Joann's. LOL

I like my yarn neat and tidy when I buy it. Guess you probably figured that.

kathy b said…
I LOVE The kitty cat stitching!! It is wonderful!

Your blanket will be so lovely......

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