Something to Warm the Belly By

The weather has been bizarre here, one day cool, the next day hot, the following day you need to cover the plants. I wanted some warm-you-from-the-inside food and decided to make homemade mac and cheese. Most of the time we use the stuff from the big blue box (it's what they'll all eat) but *I* needed something different. I had all the ingredients (for the most part) of a recipe by the Barefoot Contessa so I went for it. It's just your basic run of the mill mac and cheese dish that I changed up a bit.

Here is the original recipe.

I used sea shells for the pasta.

I had the 8oz of sharp cheddar, but no gruyere so I used up what I had in the house, some jalapeno cheddar, a slice of provolone and a few slices of monterey jack.

I didnt have any bread (I really need to go grocery shopping) but I did have some Pepperidge Farm herbed seasoned stuffing so that got toasted up in the pan with some butter.

The cheese didn't melt as completely as I'd like so it was soupier than I wanted,

but I figured lets give it a try....


Look at that cheesy goodness!!!

Everybody said they loved it, but I still have WAY too much left over for it to be a hit. I liked it alot, esp with the jalapeno (on a stick?) cheddar to give it a bit of a kick.

The best part?? The bread crumb stuffing mix on the top.

Do you have any favorite mac and cheese recipes?


Susan said…
Ha ha ha! Jalapeno on a stick.

I love mac and cheese, pretty any kind even if it's just from the box. Homemade is definitely better though.

Our warm winter turned on us this week. We went from mild to bitterly cold. It's currently -26 with a wind chill of -36 (-33 F). It was colder yesterday. Thankfully it's supposed to warm up for the weekend.
Zonda said…
It looks delicious!

I usually make it this way:
Cook whatever pasta noodles I want or have on hand. Place 1/2 amount of cooked noodles in a buttered dish. Then layer cheddar cheese (or whatever you like) between the cooked pasta. Top with either bread crumbs or crumbled saltines. I then take about 1 cup of milk, beat 1 egg in it and about 1 tablespoon of flour. Mix all together and pour over macaroni/cheese mixture. Bake for at least 30 mins. and enjoy!
Jacki said…
I LOVE homemade mac and cheese, but since I'm the only one that eats it in this house I usually put it in smaller casserole dishes and freeze them for later. Trisha Yearwood has a crockpot mac and cheese recipe that I want to try!
June said…
I love mac & cheese, but have not really found a receipe I like that well...we don't eat the stuff from the blue box either. My favorite that I have found "ready made" is by Bob Evans and all you have to do is "nuke" it. Yum!
Vivian said…
We make mac & cheese on stove top, much quicker and easier to control. it's one of the first things Henry learned to make on his own, because he likes it so much. We use whatever pasta and cheese we have around, shred the cheese while the pasta is cooking, and then just pour out the extra water and mix in the cheese. Sometimes we cook the pasta with homemade broth for extra taste. When Henry was little I used to toss in peas and carrots for some extra veggie, but now he skips them, and I'm just glad he feeds himself!
Linda said…
Oh, that looks fantastic! I love homemade mac and cheese. And the jalapeno - I usually throw in 1/2 jar (whole jar, maybe) of nacho cheese sauce. And a bit of salsa. Yum yum!! Never tried the bread crumb topping; is on the "to do" list. That'll surely warm up your insides on a wintery day!
Anonymous said…
Sure looks good to me. I made mac & cheese this past week too. I like tomatoes served over mine, after it's baked. This time it was Italian style stewed tomatoes, mixed with Fire roasted diced tomatoes. OMG, it was amazing! LOL

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