You Win Some, You Lose Some...........

One week in and I've got two finishes already! One is a winner!

Garter Brim Earflap Hat #1 from the book Last Minute Gift Ideas. Can I tell you how much I love this hat??? I'm not a big hat person, but I would wear this hat. That is if I could get it away from Baby Girl. She's worn it everyday this week.

Then we have the not so favorite one.

This poncho has been a pain from the start. Lots of M1s. Weird decreases by the neck. Once it was done, it curled up BAD!

Even after I added the fringe.

Even though it's acrylic, I hoped that once I washed it, it would look better. And it did.

The sides dont stick out as far, it softened up, and the curling at the bottom is much better.

It's still not my favorite item I've made, but I'm not embarrassed by it anymore.


It is Saturday and I wanted to post the sky before it got dark.

Make sure to take some time to check out your sky today.......


Linda said…
Love the hat and poncho. I need a hat like that to keep my ears warm.

Zonda said…
I know you are glad to be done with the poncho, nice job. Cute hat too. Your daughter seems to like both projects.
Anonymous said…
The hat looks adorable on Baby Girl, but I have to say, I love that poncho! The colors look super on her, it looks like a perfect fit, and I think you did a great job of it. Congratulations! :)

Happy New Year!

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