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Wednesday WIPs

My computer caught a NASTY virus over the weekend which meant files needed to be backed up and the computer needed to be reloaded, but I'm finally back on line. I accidently deleted a huge file full of pictures, but thankfully they were sitting pretty in the recycle bin. The pictures are safe but I suffered a mild heart attack.

I LOVE my digital camera and the small amt of space required for years and years of pictures, but there is something to be said for negatives and actual photo albums....

Meanwhile it's amazing what you can accomplish when you step away from the computer. I pulled out my stitching and got quite a bit done.

What you saw the last time

and what it looks like now.

I'm making some good progress on this one! The solid colored blocks move quite quickly but the details in the book bindings take some time.

I also switched out the car projects. The afghan blocks are in the car and the basketweave sock is now in the house. I went from half way thru the cuff…

Saturday Sky

Saturday sky: We ended up with a high of almost 80 today.

It's supposed to hit 81 tomorrow but only 64 on Monday. I'm gonna like Monday! Are you having nice weather this wknd??

Gas prices: starting to go back up. Thankfully(?) I got it before it went up yet again. My local gas station is $3.59 but I've been seeing a lot of $3.64ish in the area as well. I'm not loving the fact that it's going up again, esp since we'll planning a road trip this summer. What are you paying for gas?

Knitting: I'm realizing I dont have many things on the needles. There's the on going afghan and a pair of socks that have been my car project (which means only a couple of rows get done at a time). I needed a vanilla sock so I started a pair yesterday.

The top of the cuff, the heel and the toes will be purple (by some German or Danish brand) and the rest of the sock will be a multi color by Lorna's Laces. I figure I'll get a jump start on socks for next year. Wh…

Friday Felines

The princesses share a room.

Every night Princess sleeps with Baby Girl.

Every night.

It's been that way for five years now.

Time does fly, doesnt it??

Wednesday WIPs

Monday morning I woke up to frost on the ground. It was COLD but it was gorgeous!

This afternoon we had a high of 80. Gotta love February in Florida!!!

However with the frosty mornings the past couple of days means that Baby Girl got to wear her poncho to school!!! Still not thrilled with how it came out. I would make so many changes to it, including NOT making it smaller around the neck and using bigger needles. After all those M1s, don't see myself redoing this one again.....

No stitching updates. Haven't even pulled it out since last week.

I do have a new hat.

Baby Girl is modeling it, but it's for me. It's a variation from the earflap hat I made Baby Girl (see the same link above). I really like this hat because even w/o the flaps, it still keeps my ears warm. And the Serenity Bulky has become one of my favorite yarns.

Another WIP is the continuing relationship of a father and daughter.

They have one more dance to enjoy next year before we move on to the ne…

Wednesday WIPs

I'm slowly prodding along on my Coffee cross stitch.

Last week:

This week:

It's getting there. No new progress on my socks. I cast on for a new pair, but that's as far as I got. I don't really count it as started until I put in that first row. I'm on block 2 with the blue yarn.

Not as much as I'd like but at least there's been some progress.......

First of the Year

In 2010 I was very good abt my yarn purchases. I only bought with a project in mind and the majority of yarn bought was used. Then came 2011. I bought yarn because it was on sale. Because I knew I'd eventually use it sooner or later. Because it was pretty! The majority of that yarn bought is still in bags. I'm going to try to rein that in a bit in 2012. I still plan on buying yarn, but I'm going to try to have a project (or two) in mind for it.

With that said, I purchased my first skein of 2012.

It's Serenity Chunky Weight by Deborah Norville in Chocolate. I really like this yarn. I must since this is the 5th colorway I own!!! I want to make myself a bucket hat and while I wanted it to match my scarf (in Red Bayou), I bought Chocolate instead. My JoAnn's didnt have the color I needed. They were having a sale on the yarn which meant the shelf supply was low. I do like the chocolate and it compliments the scarf colors so it should be fine. If not, I&…

Saturday Sky

The weather has been amazing this past week. I still wish it was cooler, but the fact that I'm not in need of any appliance to either cool or heat my house is a good thing.

(yes that IS the moon!)

One of the funny things abt living in the south are the reenactments of the Civil War. Only in the south will they reenact battles won from a war lost. We had a field trip this past week to see such an event. Or so we thought. No battles were fought, but we did get to interview the soldiers.

What it was like to be a Confederate soldier.

These guys also had what the soldiers would have out in the field, some if it hand knit stuff. Fingerless gloves for the soldiers, scarves and socks. The gloves and scarves were hand made but the socks were not. These guys were really good and knew their stuff. It helps that they are decendents from actual Confederate soldiers!

What it was like to be a Union soldier.

I think he moonlights as Santa during December.

What it was like to be a woman in the field…


I can't believe today is Feb 1st. Mentally I'm only half way thru Jan. Then again I wore my shirt inside out today and nobody told me until 2pm this afternoon! What does THAT say abt my mental state????

Thankfully I'm still capable of knitting and I got my first Feb finish completed this afternoon (after I changed my shirt). It's a slouchy hat for Baby Girl.

She really loves this hat

and plans on wearing it to school tomorrow.

Nevermind the high will be 79. Honestly I dont even think we'll have anymore cold weather this year. The weather we've had this winter is more in tune with April temps than Jan temps. I'm not looking for a week of 20 degree lows, but having our highs hit near 80 is so wrong.

I also finished up 2 more skeins of yarn (4 blocks) for my afghan. Pulled out two blues this time around. Updated pics of that will be coming shortly.

I'm realizing that I really dont have that much knitting going on. My afghan, and a pair of socks is it…