I can't believe today is Feb 1st. Mentally I'm only half way thru Jan. Then again I wore my shirt inside out today and nobody told me until 2pm this afternoon! What does THAT say abt my mental state????

Thankfully I'm still capable of knitting and I got my first Feb finish completed this afternoon (after I changed my shirt). It's a slouchy hat for Baby Girl.

She really loves this hat

and plans on wearing it to school tomorrow.

Nevermind the high will be 79. Honestly I dont even think we'll have anymore cold weather this year. The weather we've had this winter is more in tune with April temps than Jan temps. I'm not looking for a week of 20 degree lows, but having our highs hit near 80 is so wrong.

I also finished up 2 more skeins of yarn (4 blocks) for my afghan. Pulled out two blues this time around. Updated pics of that will be coming shortly.

I'm realizing that I really dont have that much knitting going on. My afghan, and a pair of socks is it! I'm still in the mood to knit hats, I'm thinking a bucket hat for me, but I dont have the yarn I want for it. I see a Joann's run in my near future.

Meanwhile, I wanted to work on something different so I pulled out a cross stitch this time, I Need Coffee Now! The last time it made an appearance, it looked like this.

Tonight it looks like this.

I'm slowly working my way thru this. It looks like blocks of color, but there's a lot more detail than I was expecting.

Who knows what I'll pull out next!


Anonymous said…
Looks like Baby Girl is very happy with her new hat.
Zonda said…
Cute hat and perfect for her!
Linda said…
Love the hat. It's true - I need coffee now. Cute.

Anonymous said…
I really like that hat too, and there is no surprise why your daughter like it. It looks great on her too. :)

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