First of the Year

In 2010 I was very good abt my yarn purchases. I only bought with a project in mind and the majority of yarn bought was used. Then came 2011. I bought yarn because it was on sale. Because I knew I'd eventually use it sooner or later. Because it was pretty! The majority of that yarn bought is still in bags. I'm going to try to rein that in a bit in 2012. I still plan on buying yarn, but I'm going to try to have a project (or two) in mind for it.

With that said, I purchased my first skein of 2012.

It's Serenity Chunky Weight by Deborah Norville in Chocolate. I really like this yarn. I must since this is the 5th colorway I own!!! I want to make myself a bucket hat and while I wanted it to match my scarf (in Red Bayou), I bought Chocolate instead. My JoAnn's didnt have the color I needed. They were having a sale on the yarn which meant the shelf supply was low. I do like the chocolate and it compliments the scarf colors so it should be fine. If not, I'll be forced to buy yet another skein of this fab yarn and make another hat.

Which will most likely be worn next year. Our weather this week.

While I'm really trying to enjoy the mild temps, I'm really missing the cooler temps, esp at night. I'm hoping the cooling trend at the end of next week continues.


Linda said…
Hi Lynn. We can never have enough yarn. I'm sure I have well over 500 skeins. 99% of it is Red Heart Super Saver. You could send some of those 70% temps my direction. lol

Anonymous said…
You have to come join us at Surmount the Stash on Ravelry. It's a fun group.

I bought some Stardust sock yarn at Joanns. Like you found ... the colors were pretty picked over.

But, I found a nice gold/brown combo to make a nice cowl.

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