Saturday Sky

The weather has been amazing this past week. I still wish it was cooler, but the fact that I'm not in need of any appliance to either cool or heat my house is a good thing.

(yes that IS the moon!)

One of the funny things abt living in the south are the reenactments of the Civil War. Only in the south will they reenact battles won from a war lost. We had a field trip this past week to see such an event. Or so we thought. No battles were fought, but we did get to interview the soldiers.

What it was like to be a Confederate soldier.

These guys also had what the soldiers would have out in the field, some if it hand knit stuff. Fingerless gloves for the soldiers, scarves and socks. The gloves and scarves were hand made but the socks were not. These guys were really good and knew their stuff. It helps that they are decendents from actual Confederate soldiers!

What it was like to be a Union soldier.

I think he moonlights as Santa during December.

What it was like to be a woman in the field.

This one was fun because she was REALLY hand quilting while in character. She has a specific quilt she works on during these shows that uses reproduction fabric to further the illusion. I commented on it and told her she was doing a fabulous job. She showed me the entire quilt which meant part of it ended up on the dirt. I laughed and told her if the quilt police were here, they would have a fit with the quilt in the dirt!!! She laughed and said there were no quilt police on the battle fields, only back home! Yes I did take a close up picture of the quilt, but it came out too blurry to post. You get the idea from what's on her lap.

They also showed what medicine was like. NOT a good thing for some of the kids, including Baby Girl. After they described blood letting and HOW they got into the vein, she almost passed out. I ended up taking her home after the field trip. At least now we know she wont be going into the medical field!

I'm still working on my Coffee cross stitch. I try to get in at least one strand of floss a night. I put the socks in the car so I'd have something to work on there and I've started more afghan squares with blue yarn. More pics to come of those once there is some progress.

What have you been up to this wknd??? Will it be Super Bowl parties or shopping Super Bowl sales??


Susan said…
How interesting! Thanks for sharing the pics about the re-enactment.

It's funny that you mentioned that Baby Girl couldn't handle the "medical" descriptions. When I took my classes to the vet's office for field trips some of them were the same. One little guy almost threw up when we were looking at the items that had been removed from dogs and cats (needles, toys, you name it, they shouldn't have eaten it - ahem, Cooper and rock comes to mind). Luckily his mom was there to take him out.

Just got an email from my sister that they just got to their hotel at Disney World. She said they were hot and tired.
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Great pics. Wish I lived somewhere where fun things like that took place, instead of the old boring Sierra Foothills is CA. Maybe my next life.


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