Saturday Sky

Saturday sky: We ended up with a high of almost 80 today.

It's supposed to hit 81 tomorrow but only 64 on Monday. I'm gonna like Monday! Are you having nice weather this wknd??

Gas prices: starting to go back up. Thankfully(?) I got it before it went up yet again. My local gas station is $3.59 but I've been seeing a lot of $3.64ish in the area as well. I'm not loving the fact that it's going up again, esp since we'll planning a road trip this summer. What are you paying for gas?

Knitting: I'm realizing I dont have many things on the needles. There's the on going afghan and a pair of socks that have been my car project (which means only a couple of rows get done at a time). I needed a vanilla sock so I started a pair yesterday.

The top of the cuff, the heel and the toes will be purple (by some German or Danish brand) and the rest of the sock will be a multi color by Lorna's Laces. I figure I'll get a jump start on socks for next year. What are you working on this wknd??


Anonymous said…
Where are you headed this summer??? Are you going up to NY?

I'm knitting socks. Are you surprised?
Anonymous said…
The weather here is partly sunny today, in the mid 30's. Really good for February. We have a dusting of snow on the ground from last night.

Gas prices, we are paying about $3.65 pr. gal. right now, and I'm sure it will continue to climb. Not a thing we can do about it either, other than stay home, and not much luck of that. :)

Knitting, almost finished my pair of Very Berry socks, about half finished my Mohair shawl, and only about 1/5 of my lace scarf is done, but I'm keeping busy.

Have a great day! :)
Vivian said…
Our gas price is over $4 in a lot of places, and they are talking about $5 this summer.

Tonight I'll be watching Desperate Housewives tumbling to its death and Pan Am which will never take off, while working on the back of my Mock Cables. Life is good :-)
stitcherw said…
While not as nice as yours, weather here has been unusually nice lately too, upper 30's or low 40's. Very strange winter, but I'm really enjoying not having a ton of snow to shovel and the bitter cold we normally get. We'll see though, still lots of winter left for it to decide to shift. Projects currently are finishing another cat mat for the animal shelter, and working on WitchCraft by Heinzit, love the cat sitting on the books :) Just finished Welcome to the Nuthouse (finally, can't believe it took me almost a year for such a small project).

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