Wednesday WIPs

Monday morning I woke up to frost on the ground. It was COLD but it was gorgeous!

This afternoon we had a high of 80. Gotta love February in Florida!!!

However with the frosty mornings the past couple of days means that Baby Girl got to wear her poncho to school!!! Still not thrilled with how it came out. I would make so many changes to it, including NOT making it smaller around the neck and using bigger needles. After all those M1s, don't see myself redoing this one again.....

No stitching updates. Haven't even pulled it out since last week.

I do have a new hat.

Baby Girl is modeling it, but it's for me. It's a variation from the earflap hat I made Baby Girl (see the same link above). I really like this hat because even w/o the flaps, it still keeps my ears warm. And the Serenity Bulky has become one of my favorite yarns.

Another WIP is the continuing relationship of a father and daughter.

They have one more dance to enjoy next year before we move on to the next portion of the project.

Middle school.


Anonymous said…
Sweet picture of Baby Girl and Bill.

Ahhhhhhhhh...I remember that little babe in your arms. She's all grown up (almost)!

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