Wednesday WIPs

My computer caught a NASTY virus over the weekend which meant files needed to be backed up and the computer needed to be reloaded, but I'm finally back on line. I accidently deleted a huge file full of pictures, but thankfully they were sitting pretty in the recycle bin. The pictures are safe but I suffered a mild heart attack.

I LOVE my digital camera and the small amt of space required for years and years of pictures, but there is something to be said for negatives and actual photo albums....

Meanwhile it's amazing what you can accomplish when you step away from the computer. I pulled out my stitching and got quite a bit done.

What you saw the last time

and what it looks like now.

I'm making some good progress on this one! The solid colored blocks move quite quickly but the details in the book bindings take some time.

I also switched out the car projects. The afghan blocks are in the car and the basketweave sock is now in the house. I went from half way thru the cuff to the middle of the gusset.

Again it's amazing what you can get accomplished when you do more than one row at a time. I REALLY want to finish these guys. They've been OTN way too long!

Worked a bit more on the vanilla sock.

Not as much done on this one since the basketweave socks were the main knitting event. I wanted to just do enough to see how the colors would all blend. So far I like it.

Now I'm off to catch up on some blog reading!


Susan said…
Losing my photos is a great nightmare of mine yet I still don't back them up often enough.

You are so right about how much more time there is when the technology is down.
Anonymous said…
Looks to me like everything is moving along nicely. :)

Sorry about the computer virus, but maybe it was meant to be since it made such good progress with the cross stitching.
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. The socks look great and I love the coffee picture. Sorry this is late, my computer was down for a week.

Anonymous said…
Sorry about the computer problems, but it looks like the stitching progress may have made it worthwhile. LOL

Love the color blend on the last sock pic. Very pretty.

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