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New Beginnings

We are on spring break here at Happy Acres, but it's been more working than breaking. My MIL is coming TOMORROW! and what am I doing? Posting on blogger! I'm realizing we have let this house go way too far and the more we clear out the more junk I'm realizing we have. Too many piles and too many boxes/bags of stuff to go thru. There is no way we'll get it all done by tomorrow so we are looking to get the kitchen and bathroom clean and the rest of the house will be good enough. I'm SO happy that my MIL is very laid back and not a white glove kind of woman or else we would NEVER get along!

I've already gone thru 4 bags of clothes, threw out 3 bags of garbage and have 4 bags ready to go to Goodwill. Two more have gone back into the attic for a friend's little boy. The bags are labeled and ready to pass on when she's ready for them. You'd think this would put a MAJOR dent in the house. You'd think. Like I said, the more we get rid of, the …

Feline Fridays



Monday Afternoon Update

This would have been a Monday MORNING update, but my computer refused to recognize Blogger. Go figure.

So I took advantage of the downtime this wknd and worked on my sock. Here it is just before I started the toe decreases.

Hmmm. I actually got farther than I expected! I knew I wasnt going to have enough to finish the entire sock, but I wasnt sure how close I would get. Since there was more yarn than anticipated, I decided to continue with the toe decreases and see how far I could go with what was left.

Did I finish the toe? No. I missed it by 3 rows. Sixty stitches. So I searched the stash for a yarn close enough to match.

Here they are finished.

Can you see which toe had the 60 stitches with a different yarn?

And when I put them on, you dont even see the difference at all.

What I find interesting is how one sock has color flashes while the other one has a more consistent color blend. Both are from the same hank too. I don't care, they fit and they are done!!!!

What are th…

Saturday Sky

What was supposed to be a 30% chance of rain turned into a good soaking thruout the day.

I love days like this, peaceful and calm.

It gave me a chance to work a bit more on my sock, I am FINALLY past the gusset and on to the foot. I may actually get this sock done by the end of the month!!!!

What are you working on this weekend?

The Plague of 2012

It has hit Happy Acres and it has hit HARD! It's that time of year when sinuses are not happy campers. They are inflamed. They drip. They make life difficult. Some years we have them under control, others not so much. The trip to Pensacola set me back, but the trip to Disney pushed me over the edge.

One dr visit and 4 prescriptions later, I can tell I'm getting better, but one of the meds makes me shaky and tired. I don't like that one. I also don't like that I've had to cancel all wknd plans. This included my mother in law coming for a visit to see the kids. I like my MIL and we were planning a trip to the local strawberry patch to go picking. I also had to cancel meeting up with Dee for a day of stitching fun. This one disappoints me more because I've had to cancel on her twice before due to various parental reasons. Since I'd rather not make plans and do something last minute than make plans and cancel, this doesnt sit well with me. Howeve…

Ignore the rumors...........

I really do still exist! We went to a wedding in Pensacola last weekend and apparently it really wiped me out. Loved the bride's dress,

the reception was beautiful and fun,

but the word for the day was DRAMA!!!! At this point it was what it was and they are married and can move forward with their lives. And it makes me thankful that I have at least 10 years before I need to deal with any of it!

VERY little stitching or knitting has been going on. Only my squares have been even touched! I'm on the last blue square before I pull out more yarn.

I also got some kind of bug going around. Thought it was just sinuses being a pain, but those body aches kept me in bed all day on Wed. I even went back to sleep once I took the kids to school and I NEVER do that. I'm better but not great. And we have a trip to Disney planned for tomorrow. SO not in the mood, but cant cancel. This is what coffee is for.

And since today is Friday, let's have a look at Hemi.

Why did you leave m…