Ignore the rumors...........

I really do still exist! We went to a wedding in Pensacola last weekend and apparently it really wiped me out. Loved the bride's dress,

the reception was beautiful and fun,

but the word for the day was DRAMA!!!! At this point it was what it was and they are married and can move forward with their lives. And it makes me thankful that I have at least 10 years before I need to deal with any of it!

VERY little stitching or knitting has been going on. Only my squares have been even touched! I'm on the last blue square before I pull out more yarn.

I also got some kind of bug going around. Thought it was just sinuses being a pain, but those body aches kept me in bed all day on Wed. I even went back to sleep once I took the kids to school and I NEVER do that. I'm better but not great. And we have a trip to Disney planned for tomorrow. SO not in the mood, but cant cancel. This is what coffee is for.

And since today is Friday, let's have a look at Hemi.

Why did you leave me for so long?!!?!

He has no idea what we have planned for the summer......


Linda said…
Too cute. He does look like hes giving you the whatfor.

Looks like a lovely wedding. Hope Disney was fun. Love Hemi - want to kiss that face!
kathy b said…
I LOVe the look of that reception....cozy and gorgeous......great image.

Good luck at Disney with the flu....argh....sending you energy to get through it and then collapse.

Love the kitty image.....
what do you mean about summer?
Anonymous said…
Have a good time at Disney. Hope you are feeling better.
Lifesastitch said…
Ten years maybe, but then eventually you hopefully get to have the fun I'm having right now. Baby watch for grandchild #1 :)

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