Monday Afternoon Update

This would have been a Monday MORNING update, but my computer refused to recognize Blogger. Go figure.

So I took advantage of the downtime this wknd and worked on my sock. Here it is just before I started the toe decreases.

Hmmm. I actually got farther than I expected! I knew I wasnt going to have enough to finish the entire sock, but I wasnt sure how close I would get. Since there was more yarn than anticipated, I decided to continue with the toe decreases and see how far I could go with what was left.

Did I finish the toe? No. I missed it by 3 rows. Sixty stitches. So I searched the stash for a yarn close enough to match.

Here they are finished.

Can you see which toe had the 60 stitches with a different yarn?

And when I put them on, you dont even see the difference at all.

What I find interesting is how one sock has color flashes while the other one has a more consistent color blend. Both are from the same hank too. I don't care, they fit and they are done!!!!

What are the stats on these socks??


Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Martha's Vineyard
64sts on 2.5mm needles
Cuff = 4.5"
Foot = 6.5" before decreases

sock #1: 2/28/11 - 5/29/11
sock #2: 10/16/11 - 3/11/12

Total sock time: abt a year. It's the longest time ever for me to make a pair of socks.

The last 3 rows/60sts of sock #2 used Jawoll #52. Other than that bit of red and orange, the colors were spot on.

Now that these are finished, I only have a pair of vanilla socks on the needles and the ongoing afghan squares. I've got not one but TWO new babies due in the family so I think I need to be looking at something to knit for them. One is definitely a boy, the other is too soon to tell. I'm thinking of some cute little hats and socks. I'm also thinking I may start a baby surprise jacket.


Susan said…
I can't see any difference between the two sock toes. You had a great matching yarn!

I love knitting for babies. I also love the baby surprise jacket pattern. It's so much fun - like origami for knitters!
Linda said…
Congrats on finishing the socks Lynn. I cannot see any difference in the toes. Did you see the baby blanket that I just crocheted. It is on my blog.

Zonda said…
Bummer you ran out, but good choice for the rest. It looks good!
EvalinaMaria said…
Did you really use a different yarn? I can't tell the difference! They look lovely. One of those days I will get brave enough to make socks too!
Dani - tkdchick said…
What fun colours those socks are!
kathy b said…
Great way to improvise...!! THey look wonderful
Anonymous said…
OMG! LOL When I saw how long it took you to complete these socks, I could not help myself. I just broke out in laughter. Too funny, but hey, they are done, so congratulations. And BTW, I couldn't tell any difference at all from one toe to the next. Good job!

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