New Beginnings

We are on spring break here at Happy Acres, but it's been more working than breaking. My MIL is coming TOMORROW! and what am I doing? Posting on blogger! I'm realizing we have let this house go way too far and the more we clear out the more junk I'm realizing we have. Too many piles and too many boxes/bags of stuff to go thru. There is no way we'll get it all done by tomorrow so we are looking to get the kitchen and bathroom clean and the rest of the house will be good enough. I'm SO happy that my MIL is very laid back and not a white glove kind of woman or else we would NEVER get along!

I've already gone thru 4 bags of clothes, threw out 3 bags of garbage and have 4 bags ready to go to Goodwill. Two more have gone back into the attic for a friend's little boy. The bags are labeled and ready to pass on when she's ready for them. You'd think this would put a MAJOR dent in the house. You'd think. Like I said, the more we get rid of, the more we're finding to go thru. At this point I'm just trying to get stuff in the rooms they belong. ANOTHER box of fabric??? Stack it on top of the other boxes in the craft room. What's good abt this is it's killing any desire to buy anything textile related. I think next week I'll have to get serious abt those boxes and just purge purge PURGE!

Since the weather has gotten so much warmer, I've been washing all the socks and putting them away for the summer. As I'm taking them off the clothes pins from the laundry room, something catches my eye......


RIP bfls

I know some of you would darn these, but they've already been fixed once this season (the balls of the foot blew out in Oct). Others would rip out the foot and keep the cuff. I dont do that either. I will fix a pair once but by the second hole, they get tossed. It kills me, but I do it. However I dont throw out it's mate. Can't throw out a perfectly good sock. So it sits in the drawer until another lone guy comes along. Now I have another pair to wear!

No they dont match, but for keeping my feet warm at night they can't be beat!

From what I can tell I have abt 5 prs of hand knit socks. Thankfully I have a pair OTN and hopefully I'll get two more pair done before Oct.

So how have you been spending your spring? Are you *breaking* it or *cleaning* it??


Anonymous said…
When I get a blow out, I rip the yarn back out and I'm going to use it for that zig-zag sock blanket. That way at least I'll have good memories of when it was a sock. LOL

Have a good visit with the MIL.
Linda said…
If I could knit a pair of socks, I WOULD cry for days if that happened to one of them.

Jacki said…
I know the feeling of never-ending cleaning - everything I go through reveals two more things that need to be organized and de-cluttered! But we ARE seeing progress, which is quite gratifying!
Anonymous said…
So far, I've repaired my holes, but there have not been many of them. If I had to repair a second time, to the same pair of socks, I would probably toss them too. Just too easy to replace them with a new pair. :)

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