The Plague of 2012

It has hit Happy Acres and it has hit HARD! It's that time of year when sinuses are not happy campers. They are inflamed. They drip. They make life difficult. Some years we have them under control, others not so much. The trip to Pensacola set me back, but the trip to Disney pushed me over the edge.

One dr visit and 4 prescriptions later, I can tell I'm getting better, but one of the meds makes me shaky and tired. I don't like that one. I also don't like that I've had to cancel all wknd plans. This included my mother in law coming for a visit to see the kids. I like my MIL and we were planning a trip to the local strawberry patch to go picking. I also had to cancel meeting up with Dee for a day of stitching fun. This one disappoints me more because I've had to cancel on her twice before due to various parental reasons. Since I'd rather not make plans and do something last minute than make plans and cancel, this doesnt sit well with me. However I DO hope we can get together soon because I so enjoy our visits.

With all my plans shot this wknd, hopefully I can pull out some stitching and knitting and get some things accomplished. Meanwhile I will leave you with what was originally my Saturday Sky.

I love Epcot at night.


Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better soon. I have heard on the news that this is going to be a bad allergy year. :-(
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I sure hope you get to feeling better real soon. I would love to go to DisneyWorld someday before I'm too old.

Susan said…
It seems like everyone that I have talked to recently is complaining about the cold/flu going around. My sympathy to you for having to deal with it.
Chris said…
I really hope a weekend of rest helps you feel much, much better!
Linda said…
Wishing you and the family good health very soon. What a bummer! Hopefully this will be the end of the drips, congestion, coughs, etc. Spring is on it's way! Go. Sit. Knit. It's all for your good health. Have a restful weekend!
Vivian said…
Sorry to hear about the illness, hope that makes a good excuse to veg out all weekend in front of the TV with your knitting and stitching.
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry to hear you were so ill. I do hope you are well on the road to recovery now though. I do know what you went through, as I was struck down myself, last month, and it was miserable. I kept Kleenex in business, I swear it. LOL :)
Jacki said…
Oh noes! Snuggle up with a kitty and feel better soon!

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