Friday, April 27, 2012

Feline Fridays

Enough planting, it's HEMI TIME!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday in the Garden

And so begins the trials and tribulations of gardening at Happy Acres. 

AKA where plants come to die.

But I get an A for effort.  (well maybe not)

So on Thursdays I'm going to document what's going on in my yard.  There is still so much to do, but for now I'm happy with what I've got. 

(I have low expectations)

We've got lots of container gardening happening here so lets start there.  Here is the container of impatiens that Baby Girl and her friends planted.

So far so good.  We even have some buds sprouting.

One of them had pink flowers in the tray of 10 so that's what I'm expecting to bloom. The only thing I have to worry abt here are the squirrels.  I have this under an oak tree and the squirrels love to dig in it.  I've propped it up more to make it more difficult to dig in.  OR easier to dig up the plants.  We'll see how that goes. 

A container of petunias.

I've got another hanging basket holder of petunias as well.

It fell over while I was watering it this AM and I had to fix the ones that fell out.  Not sure how this is gonna fair but again we'll see.  I think these are a combo of pink and purple flowers.  I've one blooming

and a bunch more on the way.

Two containers of Vinca

We've got some orchids enjoying the morning sun.

The flowers are so small,

abt the size of a quarter.

A container of geraniums with one petunia plant snuck in.

I'm interested in seeing what colors I get from these guys.  One of them has a different leaf color.

We'll find out soon with that one since I already have buds.

I also have Salvia

which is great for butterflies

and have tiny flowers.

Mexican petunias

that are supposed handle the heat better than the regular ones.

And to round it all out are my tomatoes. 

I've got two kinds this year.

No I dont know the types, but I do know one is a typical red one and the other has a purplish tint to the flesh.  I've already got a couple of flowers on one!

Don't ask me which one is which........

So there you have it.  I'm expecting lots of surprises as we go along.  A lot of ppl cant handle this kind of gardening, not knowing what colors will bloom or if all the plants in the tray are the same colors or not.  To me that's part of the fun.

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see one of the best pictures I've ever gotten of Hemi.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mid week update

I have officially finished planting all those great deals from Lowes.  That's the one problem of buying so many great plants on sale, they need to be put somewhere!  I laid out the front area and took a day before I got them all where I wanted them.  I even had cheap labor!!!

Ignore the child with the frown.  She had a great time planting ONCE she got over the ickiness of the dirt!That was Saturday.  Even took my sky

but never got to post anything.  #1 Son went to a school car wash and some kid decided to be funny and dump a heavily soaped sponge on him.  Right in his eyes.  He didnt think it was that bad but by the time I picked him up he was in bad shape.  His eyes were REALLY red and he literally couldnt see.  He's fine now, but the poor kid was not a happy camper the rest of the day.

More pics of the plants will be posted soon.  I want to keep track of what grows and what becomes fertilizer........

Not much knitting is being done, a row here, and inch there, but nothing worthy of sharing.  I did pick up my stitching and got a little done on it.



Again, little by little.  I'm learning to enjoy the small victories/advances because that's all I can handle at the moment.

Lastly I'm using my son's computer to post this.  My computer is not happy.  AGAIN.  Since the IO works on computers all week long and my computer has been nothing but trouble since we've gotten it, it's starting to get pushed to the back of the list.  Right now I have to go on line to check my emails instead of looking at Window's Live, my favorites are not on the computer so I have to rely on my memory for my links (YIKES!) and I cant print or add pics.  I;m hoping by the end of the wknd I'll have a working computer.

Can you tell we had a cold start to the day?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Felines in the Garden

It all started with a Lowes flyer.

The lure of tomato plants on sale ended up with an explosion of greenery!

Not only were they on clearance, they were marked down even more!!!!! Petunias and impatiens on sale for a dime. Plumbago, Mexican Petunias and Salvia for a quarter. What started out as a smallish cart turned into the above. Not a bad haul for $20!

The most expensive thing on there is the dirt. How sad is that???

Princess says:

More shade for the front means more hiding places for me.

They smell nice too!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cabin Fever

Is that even possible? I don't usually get cabin fever until abt October. Since it's so hot in the summer, we spend most of our days inside. It's only when fall hits here in Mickeyland that we can open up the windows and doors and air the place out.

But for some reason I feel a bit differently today. I've been catching up on blog reading and more than a couple of them have posted pics of their holidays away. In the Caribbean or on the other side of the pond. The expanse of the ocean or the open fields seem to be calling out to me. I think I need to plan a trip to the Atlantic. It's over an hour away so it's not a drop everything kind of trip, but I'm thinking something is in order for the next couple of weeks or so.

Why I'm thinking this way I really dont know. We havent been home much the past couple of weeks so it's not like I havent left the house. In fact we were just visiting Mickey this past wknd.

Side note: I have been going to Disney since 1972. I've been to Magic Kingdom more often than any other amusement park. Yet Saturday night I found a short cut thru FrontierLand to Adventure Land that cut out a LOT of walking. Because of that we were able to ride the Jungle Cruise at 11pm in AdventureLand and be back in Frontier Land before the parade started.

We were basically the ONLY ones there (since this is the tail end of the last parade and the farthest part away from the entrance) which meant we got some one on one time with the characters

that we would NEVER have gotten if we were on Main Street for the first parade.

As usual, we shut the place down.

This wknd is a car wash for #1 Son, next wknd is the last of the 3 day Disney passes with my sisters, then May means an overnight at Seaworld, a day a Universal and a day at Epcot. Then it's Memorial Day wknd. I'm already into June. And summer break.

For those of you who came for some knitting updates, there are none. All I've been working on are squares for my blankets. I pulled out the Purple Toed sock, but only did a few rounds on it. I'm actually itching to pull out some stitching.

I think I need to plan a trip down to the ocean. Breathe in some sea air to clear out the cobwebs that are starting to form.

Anybody else having Spring/Cabin Fever?? Huh, that's what I have. Spring Fever!!! Why does it take me an entire post to figure this stuff out?!!?!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Felines

Um a little privacy would be appreciated!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday Morning Update

The one problem of going thru stash is that ideas and projects pop out at you before you can move past a box. Or even a skein. As I'm going thru a box of yarn left over from projects recently completed, I come across some yarn that would be perfect for fingerless gloves. Plus Baby Girl already has a hat to match! She'll be rockin' it next year for sure!! Here it is, just before I start the thumb.

I finished another blue square for my afghan which leaves one more left to finish out the 2 skeins. I figure I need at least 64 and I've done 24. I'll have enough to make it that big, but I'm HOPING to make it bigger. I plan on using up all those little balls of yarn I have left over after the 4 squares. Should be enough to make some interesting squares!

AND I started sock #2 of my Purple Toed LLs.

Isn't Lucy the perfect background to show off the dark purple cuff? Normally it looks black until you put it up against something actually black. Lucy makes a great back drop. She doesnt even try to eat the project!

I will if my payment of kibble isnt brought soon......

What will you be working on this week?

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday Sky

I THINK we're good. I got the new computer back with Windows 7 as my op sys and it seems to like all my sights that I visit. So far so good. I'm still working on my phone (that was upgraded too) AND when I signed on to Blogger this AM I had a note telling me that Blogger was getting a new look as well. I'm just getting used to Facebook's new timeline! Oy, if nothing else, it keeps me young (while aging me greatly!)

Let's move on to what matters today. My sky.

It is a gorgeous day and probably one of the last ones we'll have where we can leave all the windows open. It's supposed to be nice the rest of the week and I truly hope it is.

Weather this time of year can be VERY fickle and I enjoy each wonderful cool breeze while I can.

There are only 9 more weeks of school which means it's time for all the end of year activities. My wknds are filled from next week until Memorial Day. This wknd's plans have changed more times than expected, but in the end the kids are at my sister's and the IO and I have the house to ourselves. We are enjoying the quiet before the coming storm of activities. And it reminds us when we used to be DINKs.

Who remembers that term from the 80s and 90s w/OUT looking up the link???

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Modern Technology

When we went to Pensacola back in Feb, the IO wasnt able to get time off from work so he stayed home. This always makes me a little nervous because he tends to do/buy things that he normally wouldn't do if I was there. This time he bought a new computer. A *bleeding edge* computer (apparently more futuristic than cutting edge) for me. My computer is OLD by tech standards, abt 4 yrs old. We upgraded as much as we could but it would overheat often and just shut down. I needed a new computer, just not a *bleeding edge* one.

I'm not thrilled with it and apparently it's not thrilled with me either. It wouldn't let me get onto blogger. The IO did something to fix it but a week later it was giving me a hard time again. I got my old computer back but even that one isn't working right. Needless to say I haven't been able to post or read other blogs. And I haven't been able to get on Facebook either.

So right now I have to juggle between two computers, the new one for blogger (the IO reloaded everything and I can now get on) and facebook and the old one for Ravelry and my emails. It's getting much more complicated than I want. I will eventually get another computer once we have the funds to build another one (that is the good thing and bad thing abt having an IO that is a computer geek).

Between the two computers I'm hoping to be able to get caught back up. One can at least hope........

So since most of you come for my crafting and NOT my driveling, I DO have some things to share. I have finished one sock.

I really like the way it came out. I still have to weave in ends which means I have yet to cast on for sock #2, but I'm not worried abt SSS. I really want to get these done.

One other thing I worked on was for a Brit on Ravelry. She's doing an art installation and wanted ppl to knit up some squares anywhere from 2.5 to 8" square or anywhere in between using white or cream wool in lace to DK weight. I pulled out some cream sock yarn and knit up a square 6.5 x 7.5".

Baby Girl thinks it is TOO cool that a piece of my knitting will be hanging in a gallery in England!!!! LOL It is pretty cool when you think abt it.

I'm hoping to be back to a regular schedule of posting AND I hope to get caught up with blog reading in the next few days.