Cabin Fever

Is that even possible? I don't usually get cabin fever until abt October. Since it's so hot in the summer, we spend most of our days inside. It's only when fall hits here in Mickeyland that we can open up the windows and doors and air the place out.

But for some reason I feel a bit differently today. I've been catching up on blog reading and more than a couple of them have posted pics of their holidays away. In the Caribbean or on the other side of the pond. The expanse of the ocean or the open fields seem to be calling out to me. I think I need to plan a trip to the Atlantic. It's over an hour away so it's not a drop everything kind of trip, but I'm thinking something is in order for the next couple of weeks or so.

Why I'm thinking this way I really dont know. We havent been home much the past couple of weeks so it's not like I havent left the house. In fact we were just visiting Mickey this past wknd.

Side note: I have been going to Disney since 1972. I've been to Magic Kingdom more often than any other amusement park. Yet Saturday night I found a short cut thru FrontierLand to Adventure Land that cut out a LOT of walking. Because of that we were able to ride the Jungle Cruise at 11pm in AdventureLand and be back in Frontier Land before the parade started.

We were basically the ONLY ones there (since this is the tail end of the last parade and the farthest part away from the entrance) which meant we got some one on one time with the characters

that we would NEVER have gotten if we were on Main Street for the first parade.

As usual, we shut the place down.

This wknd is a car wash for #1 Son, next wknd is the last of the 3 day Disney passes with my sisters, then May means an overnight at Seaworld, a day a Universal and a day at Epcot. Then it's Memorial Day wknd. I'm already into June. And summer break.

For those of you who came for some knitting updates, there are none. All I've been working on are squares for my blankets. I pulled out the Purple Toed sock, but only did a few rounds on it. I'm actually itching to pull out some stitching.

I think I need to plan a trip down to the ocean. Breathe in some sea air to clear out the cobwebs that are starting to form.

Anybody else having Spring/Cabin Fever?? Huh, that's what I have. Spring Fever!!! Why does it take me an entire post to figure this stuff out?!!?!


Linda said…
Oh Lynn, it looks like you had a fun time at Disney. I am so having Disneyland withdrawals I could cry. Haven't been since 2001 and probably will not be able to go to it again. Makes me sad. SO, next time you go say hi to Mickey and the gang.

Vivian said…
Me thinks we all need spring break! altho it's going to be in the 80s here this weekend, not much excuse to go to the Caribbean.

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