Friday Felines in the Garden

It all started with a Lowes flyer.

The lure of tomato plants on sale ended up with an explosion of greenery!

Not only were they on clearance, they were marked down even more!!!!! Petunias and impatiens on sale for a dime. Plumbago, Mexican Petunias and Salvia for a quarter. What started out as a smallish cart turned into the above. Not a bad haul for $20!

The most expensive thing on there is the dirt. How sad is that???

Princess says:

More shade for the front means more hiding places for me.

They smell nice too!


Susan said…
What a great deal! Around here April has been cool, cloudy and wet. It doesn't feel like it's time to think about planting anything yet.
Anonymous said…
Princess says, "WHAT, no 'nip?"
Linda said…
Cute pics of Princess. We bought about that many flowers at Lowes the other day, but they were alot more.


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