Mid week update

I have officially finished planting all those great deals from Lowes.  That's the one problem of buying so many great plants on sale, they need to be put somewhere!  I laid out the front area and took a day before I got them all where I wanted them.  I even had cheap labor!!!

Ignore the child with the frown.  She had a great time planting ONCE she got over the ickiness of the dirt!That was Saturday.  Even took my sky

but never got to post anything.  #1 Son went to a school car wash and some kid decided to be funny and dump a heavily soaped sponge on him.  Right in his eyes.  He didnt think it was that bad but by the time I picked him up he was in bad shape.  His eyes were REALLY red and he literally couldnt see.  He's fine now, but the poor kid was not a happy camper the rest of the day.

More pics of the plants will be posted soon.  I want to keep track of what grows and what becomes fertilizer........

Not much knitting is being done, a row here, and inch there, but nothing worthy of sharing.  I did pick up my stitching and got a little done on it.



Again, little by little.  I'm learning to enjoy the small victories/advances because that's all I can handle at the moment.

Lastly I'm using my son's computer to post this.  My computer is not happy.  AGAIN.  Since the IO works on computers all week long and my computer has been nothing but trouble since we've gotten it, it's starting to get pushed to the back of the list.  Right now I have to go on line to check my emails instead of looking at Window's Live, my favorites are not on the computer so I have to rely on my memory for my links (YIKES!) and I cant print or add pics.  I;m hoping by the end of the wknd I'll have a working computer.

Can you tell we had a cold start to the day?


Anonymous said…
Now that is one relaxed kitty. I swear he is SMILING!

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