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When we went to Pensacola back in Feb, the IO wasnt able to get time off from work so he stayed home. This always makes me a little nervous because he tends to do/buy things that he normally wouldn't do if I was there. This time he bought a new computer. A *bleeding edge* computer (apparently more futuristic than cutting edge) for me. My computer is OLD by tech standards, abt 4 yrs old. We upgraded as much as we could but it would overheat often and just shut down. I needed a new computer, just not a *bleeding edge* one.

I'm not thrilled with it and apparently it's not thrilled with me either. It wouldn't let me get onto blogger. The IO did something to fix it but a week later it was giving me a hard time again. I got my old computer back but even that one isn't working right. Needless to say I haven't been able to post or read other blogs. And I haven't been able to get on Facebook either.

So right now I have to juggle between two computers, the new one for blogger (the IO reloaded everything and I can now get on) and facebook and the old one for Ravelry and my emails. It's getting much more complicated than I want. I will eventually get another computer once we have the funds to build another one (that is the good thing and bad thing abt having an IO that is a computer geek).

Between the two computers I'm hoping to be able to get caught back up. One can at least hope........

So since most of you come for my crafting and NOT my driveling, I DO have some things to share. I have finished one sock.

I really like the way it came out. I still have to weave in ends which means I have yet to cast on for sock #2, but I'm not worried abt SSS. I really want to get these done.

One other thing I worked on was for a Brit on Ravelry. She's doing an art installation and wanted ppl to knit up some squares anywhere from 2.5 to 8" square or anywhere in between using white or cream wool in lace to DK weight. I pulled out some cream sock yarn and knit up a square 6.5 x 7.5".

Baby Girl thinks it is TOO cool that a piece of my knitting will be hanging in a gallery in England!!!! LOL It is pretty cool when you think abt it.

I'm hoping to be back to a regular schedule of posting AND I hope to get caught up with blog reading in the next few days.


Linda said…
I was wondering what happen to you Lynn. Glad everythings okay. Love the sock as usual. How neat your square will be hanging in a gallery in England. Are you going over to see it. lol By the way, what does IO stand for. Just curious.

Jennifer said…
Good luck with the new technology. The switch is always painful... but hopefully worth it in the end.

I made the very same socks for a friend of mine and they were very fun to knit. I called them the Funky Electric socks because that's what they remind me of... little shock waves. You'll definitely finish that 2nd sock in no time! Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on finishing at least one sock. I'm sure you will begin the second one soon. :)

I think it's "neat" that your work will be hanging in a gallery in England too! Totally Rad, as a matter of fact.

Good luck with the computer. No doubt you just need a little more experience with it and things will start to be easier for you. :) Mine is edging toward 6 yrs old now, so I'll be looking around for another one soon as well. Hate that. I am so comfortable with the one I have, but change is the name of the game of life. :)

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