Monday Morning Update

The one problem of going thru stash is that ideas and projects pop out at you before you can move past a box. Or even a skein. As I'm going thru a box of yarn left over from projects recently completed, I come across some yarn that would be perfect for fingerless gloves. Plus Baby Girl already has a hat to match! She'll be rockin' it next year for sure!! Here it is, just before I start the thumb.

I finished another blue square for my afghan which leaves one more left to finish out the 2 skeins. I figure I need at least 64 and I've done 24. I'll have enough to make it that big, but I'm HOPING to make it bigger. I plan on using up all those little balls of yarn I have left over after the 4 squares. Should be enough to make some interesting squares!

AND I started sock #2 of my Purple Toed LLs.

Isn't Lucy the perfect background to show off the dark purple cuff? Normally it looks black until you put it up against something actually black. Lucy makes a great back drop. She doesnt even try to eat the project!

I will if my payment of kibble isnt brought soon......

What will you be working on this week?


Karen said…
I love that Lucy looks just as annoyed by having knitting propped up on her for photo shoots as K.C. usually does. But we are lucky that they still indulge us. :)
Anonymous said…
Lucy is obviously a very contented kitty. And baby girl is going to be very fashionable with her matching hat and fingerless mitts. I think it's great you will have enough yarn to make the matching mitts for her too. :)
Jennifer said…
ROTFL - Lucy looks a little exasperated. Hehehe. Love the sock - the colors are beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Lucy is such a patient girl!

The projects look great.

I'm working on another Pretty Thing cowl. Maybe I'll actually get to wear this one. The first was too big. The second to itchy. Third time is the charm????
Erin_in_Boston said…
How very funny! I have a tuxedo cat named Lucy, but she isn't the patient backdrop model like yours.... so funny.
Linda said…
lol Lucy makes a perfect model. My cats would either eat it or I I'd be chasing them around the house trying to get it back.


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