Saturday Sky

I THINK we're good. I got the new computer back with Windows 7 as my op sys and it seems to like all my sights that I visit. So far so good. I'm still working on my phone (that was upgraded too) AND when I signed on to Blogger this AM I had a note telling me that Blogger was getting a new look as well. I'm just getting used to Facebook's new timeline! Oy, if nothing else, it keeps me young (while aging me greatly!)

Let's move on to what matters today. My sky.

It is a gorgeous day and probably one of the last ones we'll have where we can leave all the windows open. It's supposed to be nice the rest of the week and I truly hope it is.

Weather this time of year can be VERY fickle and I enjoy each wonderful cool breeze while I can.

There are only 9 more weeks of school which means it's time for all the end of year activities. My wknds are filled from next week until Memorial Day. This wknd's plans have changed more times than expected, but in the end the kids are at my sister's and the IO and I have the house to ourselves. We are enjoying the quiet before the coming storm of activities. And it reminds us when we used to be DINKs.

Who remembers that term from the 80s and 90s w/OUT looking up the link???


Susan said…
Oh, yeah. I'm old enough to remember what that means. We are sort of back to being DINKS again ;)
Anonymous said…
I do, I do! LOL

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