Thursday in the Garden

And so begins the trials and tribulations of gardening at Happy Acres. 

AKA where plants come to die.

But I get an A for effort.  (well maybe not)

So on Thursdays I'm going to document what's going on in my yard.  There is still so much to do, but for now I'm happy with what I've got. 

(I have low expectations)

We've got lots of container gardening happening here so lets start there.  Here is the container of impatiens that Baby Girl and her friends planted.

So far so good.  We even have some buds sprouting.

One of them had pink flowers in the tray of 10 so that's what I'm expecting to bloom. The only thing I have to worry abt here are the squirrels.  I have this under an oak tree and the squirrels love to dig in it.  I've propped it up more to make it more difficult to dig in.  OR easier to dig up the plants.  We'll see how that goes. 

A container of petunias.

I've got another hanging basket holder of petunias as well.

It fell over while I was watering it this AM and I had to fix the ones that fell out.  Not sure how this is gonna fair but again we'll see.  I think these are a combo of pink and purple flowers.  I've one blooming

and a bunch more on the way.

Two containers of Vinca

We've got some orchids enjoying the morning sun.

The flowers are so small,

abt the size of a quarter.

A container of geraniums with one petunia plant snuck in.

I'm interested in seeing what colors I get from these guys.  One of them has a different leaf color.

We'll find out soon with that one since I already have buds.

I also have Salvia

which is great for butterflies

and have tiny flowers.

Mexican petunias

that are supposed handle the heat better than the regular ones.

And to round it all out are my tomatoes. 

I've got two kinds this year.

No I dont know the types, but I do know one is a typical red one and the other has a purplish tint to the flesh.  I've already got a couple of flowers on one!

Don't ask me which one is which........

So there you have it.  I'm expecting lots of surprises as we go along.  A lot of ppl cant handle this kind of gardening, not knowing what colors will bloom or if all the plants in the tray are the same colors or not.  To me that's part of the fun.

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see one of the best pictures I've ever gotten of Hemi.


twistedsistah said…
I see you have the dreaded Bermuda grass like I do....I've about given up trying to keep it out of my flowers....

Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Love the piece your stitching on and kitty looks so warm and cuddly. Great pics of all your plants planted. We spent the last 2 days planting about 30 containers and a couple hundred flowers. I will have hubby take pics (he is much better than me) and post on my blog in a few days. I posted a pic of my sphynx' all trying to get under the blankies.

Anonymous said…
Home grown tomatoes are the BEST tomatoes. Unfortunately the animals around here get to enjoy more than I do.
kathy b said…
Your orchids are GORGEOUS even though the flowers are small. Great tour of the greens

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