It's not a closet.......'s a clown car!!!!  The more I pull out, the more I find.

For those of you not on Facebook, I found a dead mouse in my closet.  Not because we have mice, but because I have a cat (Hemi, I'd put money yarn on it!) that likes the catch and release system, he catches outside and releases inside (sentiment from Janet and TOTALLY true!)  I find more lizards than I care to say.  He brings them in and plays with them.  They get away and hide.  Usually in my closet.  I dont mind lizards and try to catch them to put them back out.

This time was different.  Last week I kept smelling something that was off.  I thought it might be the septic tank and checked for signs of problems.  Nothing.  Took out the hamper thinking something was put in there that should have been washed immediately.  Nada.  Meanwhile this smell kept getting worse and worse. 

We finally figured out the smell was coming from my closet.  Ugh.  Do you know how much stuff is IN my closet?!?  I was scared.  What WAS it???  What would I find??? 

It was a tiny little white mouse.  The kind you find in a pet shop for snakes.  Since we no longer have a snake population outside (Hemi would catch the baby racer snakes and BRING THEM IN!)(we finally had to close the cat door to keep the animals outside) he seems to have gone after the rodent population. While I'm happy he's a hunter, I do NOT want mice inside!

I had to find my big girl panties, put them on and get rid of this horrid smelling thing (how can something so small smell SO bad?!?)  After spraying it with Lysol a couple of times, I was able to get a gardening shovel and get rid of it.  That was one of the hardest things I've EVER done! 

Since I had removed what seemed like half the closet floor, I figured I'd keep going.  I got rid of all the clothes that are too small on me (and have been for a couple of years); packed all the winter stuff away; pulled out all the tote bags (how many do I own??); removed the bags of scrapbook papers, albums, saved items from the kids, etc.; pulled out bags of yarn stored in there for either future unknown projects or left over from previous projects. 

My room looks like a bomb went off in it and yet my closet still seems only half way done.  How is this possible??  Part of me wants to shove it all back in and deal with it later, but I don't know when later will be so I will continue on.  Hopefully I will be done tonight......

At least the smell is gone so I know I wont find anymore snake food......


Anonymous said…
Keep going. You'll be so happy when you are all organized. Maybe you'll even be able to put a Christmas tree in there. ;-)
Linda said…
Oh how funny. My first cat, back in 1972, was the same way. He would bring home all kinds of little things just to play with. Never killed any of them. Good luck with the closet.

Vivian said…
Oh boy, how did I miss all this excitement on Facebook? (Facebook only gives me the boring stories.) On the bright side, this helps you clean out the closet, which I really should do as I still can't find my treasured Irish Diamond Shawl.

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