Monday Morning Update

I finally have a finish to share!!!!  My  Baby Girl's socks are done!

I finished them off last night, and while they are a *little* snug, they fit pretty well. 

Baby Girl saw them and wanted to know if she could try them on.  

They fit her perfectly!!!  So it looks as if she has a pair of socks for next winter.  That is if her foot stops growing.  She's a ladies 7 right now and she's only 10. 

I started sock #1 on 2/17 and finished weaving in all the ends on 5/20.  I am SUCH a slow knitter.  The yarn is Lornas Laces sport weight in Mt Creek #56 and the cuff/heel/toe purple is Silja #392 (it's a yarn I bought a LONG time ago from the LYS that has since changed owners and then closed down).  The Lorna's Laces is a really nice yarn, the Silja would not be bought again.  It's not a bad yarn, but it's a bit rough.  I may add it to another sport weight and make some bulky charity socks with the left overs.

Now that these socks are done, I really dont have alot going on.  I have my ongoing blanket squares (if I could find them) and I have the 2nd fingerless mitt to do (I'm suffering from SMS).  However I DO have some projects to start.  When I was asking one SIL when my other SIL was due, she told me and said, "Why, do you have to finish up some projects?"  Hmmmm, guess I should START some projects so I have something to finish up!!  We plan on going up the beginning of July so I have a little over a month to do something.  Glad babies are small!!!  I played in my yarn this AM and found some yarn to make some socks and some other yarn to make a sweater set.  Not sure if I'll use that yarn or not, I had another yarn in mind, but I cant find that one either.  It's probably in the basket of yarns that I haven't looked thru yet.  My sock yarn and charity yarn are in order but everything else is sort of a mess.

I'll keep you posted with the next set of projects coming up.


Anonymous said…
Next thing you know, she'll be borrowing your SHOES! LOL
Linda said…
Congrats on the sock finish. They are really pretty. Are you going to make the new baby a blankie? I need my Hemi fix!!! lol

Anonymous said…
And I would be willing to bet, she was tickled pink they were a little too snug for you. LOL

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