Moving Right Along

So far I've finished off the back of the sweater
baby sweaters look SO small!

and have started the left front. 

Sock #1 is at the foot and I only have a couple more inches before the decrease.  I just cant make up my mind as to how many inches I want the sock to be so I have it on hold.

I was playing in my fabric this morning and I realized two things:   1) I may not have SABLE (stash beyond life expectancy), but I've got a LOT!     and  2)  there are still many more quilts I want to make.

I felt the same way when I went thru my yarn.  I'm afraid to go thru my cross stitch!  The last thing I need is another project in the works!!!

Most people stop crafting in the summer, but not me.  I rev up.  What about you?  Do you go on a crafting hiatus like the Fall Lineup or do you just switch over to the new Summer Shows on cable?? 

Feel free to talk abt either crafting or TV viewing.  I do both.

Getting ready for his closeup for Feline Fridays


kathy b said…
I rev up too

I used the jiffy mix as directed for the corn dog bake!
Zonda said…
I just keep on knitting, and spinning when I can (trying to quilt as well). I try to do small projects if possible. I have a lot of shows on the dvr, so if it's too hot to sit outside I watch them. Yes, I agree, baby sweaters are very fast to knit :)
Linda said…
Great progress on the sweater. I too, craft all year. I love to sit outside until it gets toooo hottt. I have been known to be sewing granny squares tog when its 100 degress outside. There's my Hemi. I think you should send him to me for a visit.

Vivian said…
Once I completed a cable sweater in July, and even put it on to post for pictures. So no, I don't stop! We have cool evenings in the summer, so there is really nothing to stop me.

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