Saturday Sky

Today is the first Saturday in 5 weeks that had nothing specific planned so I took the opportunity to keep it that way. I told the kids that there would be no friends over and no going over to friends. We all need the time to crash and recharge. I know they are tired when I get no arguments!

This morning was a little bit hazy and cloudy

which I figured was due to Beryl, but it's cleared up really well. 

Other than the heat index hitting 100, it was a nice day!  Apparently Beryl will be making more of an appearance tomorrow.  I'm not complaining, we REALLY need the rain.

Since my socks are finished and I have a nephew arriving in a few short weeks, I decided it was time to find a few things to make for him.  After sorting thru the yarn and my books, I've started a pair of baby socks

using malabrigo yarn.  I figure it's the perfect baby sock yarn.  It's soft and I dont have to worry abt the kid wearing it thru.

I also pulled out some yarn for a baby sweater.

I'll be casting on for that tonight. 

Since I'm starting two projects, I decided to clean up my night stand.  It's a HUGE dumping ground for papers, pens, cameras and all around general stuff. 

I think it looks much better now.  It will never be cleared totally off, but if I can keep the stuff down to a dull roar, I'm good.  Now if I could only do the same thing for my dresser......

Last but not least, this past Thursday #1 Son had his band banquet where he cleaned up pretty well! 

Intermediate Band plus Steel Drums have kept him busy this year, but he's enjoyed all of it.

Now there are only 8 days left of school. I've got stuff planned for the summer, including a road trip in July, but I'm looking forward to the slower pace.

Anybody got anything specific planned for this Memorial Day wknd??


Linda said…
Have a fun, do nothing, relaxing weekend Lynn. Congrats to your son. Looks like he made out like a bandit. I still need my Hemi fix. lol

Anonymous said…
Glad you have a day to decompress.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes we all need a day to just crash.

Steve and I were invited to a friend's house on Monday for a bbq, but after St. Augustine on Friday, Daytona on Saturday and having Stephen here tonight --- I think WE are just gonna crash for Monday. Maybe I'll 'que up a hot dog on the grill, but that's about as active as I'm gonna get.

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