Saturday Survival

I did it!  I survived all the field trips of the 2011/2012 school year.  This time was a band trip where #1 Son was in a parade
and then got to play in Universal Studios. 

Eight boys with three moms is MUCH easier than 15 boys with 3 moms like we had last week! However we did have bus issues again this trip.  Last week the bus driver took us to Sea World instead of Epcot so we were much later than planned.  Then we had to wait another half hour before we could leave because we were waiting on other ppl to come back to the buses.  THIS time we got to the right area,  but had bus trouble going home.  Instead of three buses, we had only one, parked in a different location and did NOT have all the instuments on it.  We got another bus to cram the rest of us in and sent the bus with all our stuff on it back to the school.  Thankfully we had all the buses back at the school by the time we arrived.

Most of the time I will bring my knitting on field trips, but I never get the chance to work on it.  I'm usually helping the teacher with paperwork or I'm with the other chaperones conspiring as to how we're going to handle the day.  Coming home I'm usually too hot and tired to knit.   So the knitting will eventually fall to the bottom of the backpack waiting for another day. 
When packing for this Universal trip, I decided to leave my knitting at home.  We were leaving really early (had to be at the school by 6:15AM) and between the parade and the theme park I figured I'd never work on it.  Thankfully my tired brain grabbed it at the last second.  They put the chaperones on the bus 20 min before the kids, we were scattered thruout the bus so it was hard to talk, and with the early hour, we were just waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  So  I pulled out the sock.  I got to knit on it while waiting for the kids to board and then I got to knit some more on the drive there.  I NEVER get to do this!!  It was SO nice and I got a lot done.   So much so that I am at the toe decreases.
I am SO glad that I brought it at the last minute.  And yes that IS Lucy modeling the sock.  I'm hoping to finish it off tomorrow.  Today was spent recouperating.  I still have some things scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but nothing major.  AND there are only 12 school days left.  When did THAT happen?!?!!? 

I contemplated that information while looking up.

Hope you had a beautiful Saturday!


Anonymous said…
Another year almost bites the dust! Yikes!

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