Some Mish and a little bit of Mosh

Since my life has been a mish mosh of events lately, I've decided that this post will reflect that.

In the past month I have been to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios,


15 boys to 3 adults.

 and an overnight SeaWorld trip.

Why yes I AM petting a penguin!

Add a few school club parties, PTO meetings, Teacher Appreciation Week, FCAT, car wash fundraisers, advanced chorus concerts, Steel Drum Band concert at UCF (they came in at superior in their class!!!  WOOHOO!), regular band concerts, book fairs and science fairs. 

We still have one more band concert tonight and another band trip to Universal Studios tomorrow (did I mention I sprained my toe and walk with a limp?!!?).  The Band Banquet is next week along with a talent show (thankfully it's just to watch and NOT participate in).  One more trip to Hollywood studios rounds out my month. 

I was less busy when I worked in the Advertising Dept for a NY newspaper.  And the reason why I'm living on full octane coffee.

However every single one has been fun and I havn't regretted any of it.

Amazingly enough, throughout all of the above, I have yet to have one plant die on me!!!!  We dont have a working automated sprinkling system so I have been manually watering pretty much every day.  The plants that are making me the happiest??

The impatiens

and my tomatoes.

I am always amazed when I see actual food growing off a bush.

I also decided that it was time to pick up my sock again.

I just finished the gussett last night and am on the main part of the foot. I'm in the final stretch and hope for this sock to be done by the end of the month. 

So there you have it.  My May in a nutshell.  Explains why alot of knitting isnt happening, THAT'S for sure!!!!

How is everybody's spring coming along??  Any spring cleaning??  Summer vacations being planned? 


Anonymous said…
I'm tired just READING that. LOL

Have fun with the rest of the school year.
Susan said…
Whew! You must be exhausted!

Congrats to all of those involved in the Steel Drum Band concert results! That's awesome!

I would like to pet a penguin. Cool.
Vivian said…
I want to go to your kids' school and go on all those field trips! On the other hand, think about all the hours you spend on buses, waiting in lines, sitting in concerts, all knitting time!

My son is counting down days to the end of school, I think it's about 15 now.
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. How fun. I am jealous. I want to go to all those places. Enjoy the rest of the school year, its almost over.


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